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I must admit, I came upon it by accident and then couldn't look away. But yeah, best avoid this one for sure. It's basically Born Free without the laugh track...

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Agreed. And can one of Meryl Streep's daughters do accents? Cause I see a dual time line movie: Meryl is aged Daphne, running her orphan elephant preserve. They bring in a baby and she says she just can't, not again... And we flash back to when she met Aisha. (I had an elephant in Africa...) Now Daphne is played by Mamie or Grace Gummer. And cue the waterworks...

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YES. And this is what I just wrote on fb: Whatever you do, don't watch My Wild Affair, on PBS, which tells stories about the bond between humans and wild animals. Not because it's a terrible, too cheeky by half title for the show. Because there ISN'T ENOUGH KLEENEX IN THE WORLD.

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I am a spaghetti squash FANATIC. As I said to Belinda, I eat it like twice a week and cook it exclusively in the microwave. Super easy and quick. You just puncture the squash 4 or 5 times with a fork and cook in microwave 6-10 minutes depending on size, till it's soft. If you DON'T puncture, it can explode (fun!) but if you do it's quickest, easiest healthy meal I've discovered. I usually eat with the healthiest pasta sauce I can find or saute up tomatoes, veggies, onions and throw that on top. YUM.

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Interesting; I cook the whole damn thing in the microwave. Eat it probably twice a week. I take off the stickers and poke the squash four or five times with a fork, then depending on size and microwave, cook it for 6-10 minutes, until the outside is soft. It's hot as hell, but if you handle with a dishtowel carefully, not too hard to deal with. Cut in half, scoop out the seeds and then shred the flesh with fork onto your plate. If you DON'T poke with a fork, however, it can explode in the oven--which happened to a friend of mine. Still, super easy and quick. And delicious!

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You, my dear, are a treasure. A TREASURE, I tell you. This was utterly delightful ("muscle beef knot"!) and funny as hell. As great as a Richard Lawson column, and I'm sure you know that is high praise indeed.

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EGGSACKTLY. See the last comment I just wrote to SHM. I don't know what they're expecting or looking for, but if they don't accept SCRIPTS from un-represented, non-Guild writers (they don't) why are they now looking for 10 minute shorts? Which are MUCH harder, and far, FAR costlier to do well? They're essentially asking people to spend tons of time and money producing something so they (the execs) can sit on their asses watching the equivalent of YouTube videos. I wonder if they're starting to employ people who don't know how to read...? And Jesus Christ, it's not like everyone and their mother isn't already making Web Series. How many of those have they bought? I wonder if this isn't just a PR thing...

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Yeah, as I just wrote to SHM, it's NBC covering their asses. They're a Guild signatory so CAN'T employ non-Guild writers. I guess they'll figure out some work-around if they really like something from a far flung talent--they have before!

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Hmm. Naturally, I didn't read the NBC thing because I am not a "new voice". I am an old, bitter voice. ANYHOO, I guess it depends whether or not this entry that they're paying you for fits into those "schedule of units" categories that WGA has--and I have no clue if it would. Feels a little like untrod territory. Insisting people be WGA members is NBC covering their asses, so perhaps at that point they would pay you WGA minimum for something on that schedule to get you into the Guild. But then you'd definitely have to pay all your dues (the Guild doesn't kid around--but I'm okay with it because health insurance!).

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Yes'm. And the answer is: it's complicated. It's not that you can just up and join; you have to have sold something, to a WGA signatory (the major studios, production companies, etc.) And then you can join and pay your union dues. Usually what happens is writers sell something or get a job on a show and that allows them to join the Guild. It doesn't (to my understanding) work the other way around, that you can just join and THEN hope to get work/sell something. The specifics are here:

So, basically, if that NBC thing is saying entrants have to be WGA members, the call for "new voices" is straight up bullshit. Sorry about that.