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Yet again, the Gwkr network fucks everything up for us.

I was kind of lost without you guys yesterday...

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That is harsh.I'm a little surprised that HamNo would do that. Do you have a link?

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I am thrilled that for once the US isn't putting its finger in another country's pie. I'd rather we respect a country's autonomy and let its populace rip the cancer out of the government than have us fly in, do it for them, and then babysit them through the whole election process.

I know people are furious, but people seem to forget that it is because of Western intervention that many of these dictators were installed in the first place.

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Congrats!!! I knew things would go well with that sexy Irishman ;)

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I...I think it's Pikachu with Grace Jones's head.

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So...since people are still interested in the whole site-that-shall-not-be-named (STSNBN) fiasco, I thought I'd bring a little light to why the site is not just a pain in the ass to use, it's downright upside-down inside-out fucked up.

Notice the little #! in the URLs there now? It's called a hash bang (sometimes called a shebang, lol), and it is an abomination that deserves to be cast into the fieriest depths of hell.

For more information on what exactly a hash bang is, see this site (for those of you who are a little bit more technically inclined, see this site.)

And here's a nice little write-up about the whole oopsie booboo that made us come here (thank heavens, love you guys!)

In short - whoever did the coding for the new site design over there is a moron. An absolute moron.

On the UI end they fucked up by ignoring a cardinal rule of site usability: "If you have to give your users a detailed description of how they should navigate and use the site, you're doing it wrong." Well, I suppose they figured that if they're buggering one thing they might as well bugger another. And thus, they violated a cardinal rule of website code: "If javascript is required to receive the basic content of the page (we're talking about plain text here), then you're doing it wrong."

End result:

- site loads sloooowly (like, slower than 99% of all other websites on the entire internet.)

- Web crawlers (other than googlebot) cannot index the site because they don't execute javascript code. For a time, all of the sites in the STSNBN media consortium weren't able to be fetched for Google news feeds.

- Even though there is a bot that can index the site as is (googlebot), the site loads so slowly that it will take a major hit in search rankings.

- Caching of those websites is completely broken.

- Integration with other sites (eg Facebook, StumbleUpon) doesn't work and will not work until some kind of overcomplicated workaround rule is added.

- Said workaround for all of this involves indexing webpages on the server with a verbose URL (in addition to the #! URL) which completely negates the whole reason for using !#s in the first place

- And in the meantime, they're still hosting ca. and uk. versions of the sites, which use the old (vastly superior) URL hierarchy.

So...because of all this, I have come to the conclusion that this is all a farcical experiment of Denton's , whose sole purpose is to provide fodder to flesh-out the Wikipedia entry for "Crabtree's Bludgeon."

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Think nothing of it! <3

Seriously, Imgur is the best-kept secret on the interwebs, as far as I'm concerned. MrGrim over at reddit is the guy who really deserves a hug for it. He's poured his heart and soul into that site.

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Imgur is the place to go. You can also make an imgur account to have a personalize url and a bunch of other things. It's absolutely 100% free without any bandwidth limit (disclosure: I'm a long-time redditor and the guy who runs it is on reddit - imgur is reddit's go-to image host.)

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12 years ago @ Crasstalk - Wake Up Open Thread · 0 replies · +1 points

You could name them after the realms/geographical features of the Greek underworld?

The five rivers of Hades ( for the five smaller meeting rooms):

- Acheron (the river of pain)
- Cocytus (the river of lamentation)
- Lethe (the river of forgetfulness)
- Phlegethon (the river of fire)
- Styx (the river of hatred)

And for the larger meeting room:

- Tartartus (a great pit in which the souls of the damned are housed)

And maybe for the cafe:

- Erebus (the purgatory-like place all the souls of the damned wound up before they were ferried to Hades)

I can think of nothing better which embodies most peoples' experiences in meeting rooms. Unfortunately, management might not be too keen on the idea...