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Taking away their servers shuts down their site. Basically they are seizing their way of earning their money. How would you like it, if the government took away your place of business with out any warning and due process?

You feel it is perfectly right in this case. You feel that the idiots in government are more important and infallible than ordinary people.

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If you had read my other comments, you would know that I am joking. Still, your point is well taken.

The government has over-reached again in this instance. All the hackers have done is shut down a few sites for a few hours. Government has shut down a site permanently because of a complaint. Yes, they had warrants, but their sites is legitimate. Why shut it down? Why not charge them with a crime? And then shut it down when it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is engaging in criminal behavior.

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Yeah, so what? It still isn't right. They should prove beyond a shadow of doubt that MegaUpLoad is stealing movies. That has yet to be proven.

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No, I have never used MegaUpLoad for that. I am not into porn. It is obvious you do though.

I have used it to transfer large databases.

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Obviously you don't understand thing one about the internet. You can't even give an URL to direct me to it.

First off. Megaupload does legitimate business. Second. The government is not allowed to seize anything without due process.

This is an illegal seizure. There is no probably about it. It isn't drugs they are working with. It is only information.

Now, some users do abuse it.

By the way, you might want to preview your statement and change your handle. This is a THREAD and my first thought was that you were a male version of a lady of the night.

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No, we do. The Government does not. All the hackers did was shutdown a few websites for a few hours. How does that compare with the Government shutting down permanently a website/service without so much as due process?

The government shutting down Megaupload is akin to shutting down a baseball bat manufacturer because a baseball bat was used in a crime. That is all. They also did it like thieves in the night. They did not use due process. They acted like thugs. Is that what you want? Thugs from the government able to go around shutting down websites because some users abuse it?

You probably have used Megaupload and don't even know it.

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Are you paying the Hacker's salaries?

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Uh, folks, so far all we have gotten is a few websites down. Anonymous has told you that they did it in retaliation to the illegal shut down of a website going about it's lawful business by the DOJ.

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Thank you for your reply. You say you made it in Response to Platoon. I have my own problems with Platoon. Likewise Deer Hunter, Apocalypse Now, and believe or not Sylvester Stallone's extravaganzas, his Rambo series. It reminds me of the Response John Wayne had to High Noon. He created Rio Bravo with Howard Hawks. Strangely enough, 7 years later, John Wayne basically did the same movie El Dorado with Howard Hawks. To this very day, I can not get through High Noon.

It would tickle me pink to find something that people in the rush of living have totally overlooked. I will let you know when I get the movie. Talk to you later.

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Wait a minute. Isn't Letterman their "friend"?