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TEd Kennedy was a sack of human waste. He is burning in hell with his father and brothers. Good ridence to all these SOBs democRATS

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Andrew deserves a VIking funeral

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Robert, that was great! We lost a great warrior and friend. He touched all of us and will continue to inspire us into the future to realize his dream. Take down the leftist media complex.

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The conservative movement lost a hell of a WARRIOR today. He leaves a huge hole that we all must now fill. We must morn this lost and then pick up his sword and carry on. So Andrew will look down and smile that we are continuing the fight in his name. RIP ANDREW I will miss your company, your great stories at Barney's and all the times I was honored to know you and I always admired your courage. My heart goes out to Susie and your children.

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Ben, I can tell you MY story of being blacklisted by the left long before any of these conservative blogs, groups that we both belong too. At least ACTS OF VALOR got out into the theaters. They stopped me coming out the gate in 1990 with my film FORGOTTEN HEROES.

I have been screaming at conservatives and I can't tell you how many lunches at the Abe club I have talked about building OUR own studio packed with conservatives. That Abe group is the best talent pool for this studio but after four year it fell on deaf ears because everyone is scared to death of not getting hired. THe point of this is to leave the leftist movie system and we set up our own studio and distribution entity.

I am a real independent filmmaker, I don't make digital documentaries on war or border crossings. I make 35 mm feature films with no damn money and make it look like I spent 3 million. I have the experience of making films cheap and making them look like they came out of a studio. My problem is FUNDING, I get my hands on funding I wouldn't be trying to sell my film for the past 20 plus yrs. out here to fall on the deaf ears of conservatives in Hollywood. The public will eat my film up as it did ACTS. Distribution isn't rocket science it isn't that difficult if you have the funds and the right plan.

I have always said if the leftist won't allow any of us to make films in their sand box we build our own sandbox and plant it right next to them. I have dealt with many studio execs in the early 90s to late 90s I know how this is done, In the mid 2000s when all these so called conservatives came out of schools and universities to start these blogs because they had a hard time for first few years of trying get a script produced because they were conservatives. I was doing this back in 1980.

YOu want to do a story, well I have one for you that begin in 1988 after I made produced two films that made profit and I paid back two groups of investors. With that track record I raised the funds for FORGOTTEN HEROES and my film was way the hell ahead of its time honoring the Vietnam vets. I made this film when most of the conservatives we both know were either in Jr High or college chasing cheerleaders. I had over 350 screenings in two and a half years to every major studio and independent out there.

Disney screened my print ten times, I am an unknown filmmaker and I got multiple screen and even began negotiating 1000 print release in 1990. We can build a film studio with conservatives but if you think it can be done with how a lot of our members think and with their huge egos it won't happen, This is way it hasn't happen.

I came out of the AFM when my original plan for a film studio and it was made by my ex partner and they made over 50 films. I didn't want to be apart of that low end version of my idea. Today they are gone and are as unknown as they were when they started. There is a cult following of their films but again we are all in our 50s now and don't have the success they thought there were going to have. The thing was they implemented the idea I had develop dealing with AFM distributors, they executed it wrong, they still made films, made some money, had their time in the sun. But as I said if you are going to play baseball you want to play for the Yankees in the world series not on some sandlot out in Nebraska.

It is the same thing with filmmaking. If the money is there, I can build it because I have lived it and I have survived since 1980. You have any idea of all the filmmakers I have know in my time that are GONE - forever.

Ben if you are really truly interested in my story and how to make a studio then I am here to open a world of being in the real trenches. We can beat these people at their own game. If not, i am not going away and I will continue to do what I have to do to get my film out there until it hits a nerve with the NAM VETs. I have never received help from our side in this war. I started out alone and I am here alone dealing directly with the public one DVD sale at a time.

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Thank you John for keeping this up!

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A Conservative filmmaker on the Steve Maggi Show about an independent film http://archives.inforadionet.com:8080/mhs/022212....

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Back in 1988 an unknown indie filmmaker with hardly no real budget made a film to honor the Vietnam Heroes and it took two years to complete. He was way ahead of his time with this pro American veteran message. I am happy that this film has the backing to be able to put this film up the Hollywood where the sun don't shine. I never had the funds to get my film out there or got the support from conservatives that preach we MUST all back conservative films.

FORGOTTEN HEROES is a film that is still out there because I refuse to go away no matter what resistence I get from the left and right. Film is film and a film that shows a generation of Vietnam heroes as real heroes instead of being spit upon in film as Hollywood did for 40yrs. should have been thrown out there becasue it was the only one it its day.

As a matter of face here is a review by John Nolte who was graciuos enough to see my film in 2008 and support it on his Dirty Harry site. I feel John's reviews is one of the most honest reviews I have received since John is always fair and honest in his film reviews.

"Apocalypse Now has the big movie stars. Platoon has the budget. Full Metal Jacket has Kubrick. But Forgotten Heroes has the truth. And when history does what history always does best and shakes itself loose of the blistering lies told of and about America's involvement in Vietnam, it will be Jack Marino's Forgotten Heroes that's first acquitted.

Watching the history of Vietnam through the eyes of mainstream Hollywood you'd never know our goal was to help a people retain their self-determination. You'd never know that what the critics wrist-flicked as a civil war was in fact a national act of fratricide; one brother trying to oppress and butcher another. You'd never know the consequence of our leaving -- our breaking our promise to our allies -- our caving to the anti-war left -- was a holocaust of millions. And you'd never know that our men and women over there were honorable, self-sacrificing, heroes. You'd never know this because in order to present its twisted view of the war mainstream Hollywood must demonize our troops. It must lie.

In Forgotten Heroes we finally see an honest portrayal of these good and decent men who left their homes and risked their lives for something bigger than themselves. Marino's film reminds us how that once meant something. Marino's film also reminds us that when those men are forgotten by a government unwilling to finish what it started, the price they pay doesn't end with the war.

Using relatively unknown actors and a meager budget, Marino expertly mixes themes larger than politics with a briskly paced emotional story and action scenes that defy that meager budget. And watching Forgotten Heroes is a reminder of just how far Hollywood has fallen.

There was a time Hollywood believed in spreading liberty and stopping tyranny. There was a time it marshaled every force at its disposal because it believed everyone, regardless of skin color or religion, deserved freedom. That belief died sometime in the late 1960's. And from it sprang an ideology of anti-Americanism and pro-Communism that has infested our films for forty years and lives on today in the form of Michael Moore, Oliver Stone, and all the others who find the tyrants Castro and Saddam more tolerable than our own President.

But that's just politics. We can disagree on politics. But what about the men? Why must the heroes of Vietnam be slandered in film after film to support the misguided political agendas of the Hollywood left? Can't we draw a line of decency somewhere?

Well, Marino has drawn a line. He put his money and talent and reputation on the line to tell the truth about these men. And for over fifteen years he's shown this film to anyone willing to listen. Anyone with enough of an open mind to consider that there are still stories left untold in Vietnam. Stories of heroism and sacrifice. In other words: The Truth.

Every viewing of Forgotten Heroes makes these heroes less forgotten. Every viewing jabs a finger in the eye of a Hollywood that lies about them. The forgotten heroes of Vietnam have a friend in Jack Marino. And so do maverick filmmakers everywhere with a dream. With a love of country. With a love of freedom. With a love of truth."

-John Nolte

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Newt, don't sweat it , we all have fallen from God one time or another. We are all sinners and we bounce back and fourth from sin to grace. That is because we have a conscious. The demoRATS like Clinton, Obama, the mafia SOBs are like the Pharisees who were rotten on the inside and righteous on the outside. The RATS think they are so perfect and above human frailty that they can judge a guy like you because you were married three times. We have NO Standards for the Presidency since JFK, LBJ, Teddy, that white trash women abuser Bubba CLinton and the creature we have in the White House now. Hell, Newt you're like Santa Claus compared to these low lives vile men.

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Obama is going to win anyways its a done deal by the establishment. This is why we have the gop candidates we do. I like Newt and not Rick. Rick doesn't have the juice to beat Obama. Newt on the other hand the GOP/DNC all hate him so why would you or anyone vote for the person the establishment wants. I'd rather throw Newt into the machinery and shut down their little party that have had for 60 plus yrs on our dime. Mitt is being set up like McCain was... to be defeated. The bum can't see it and that is scary.