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I guess that's an advantage of living in WTX! Even with fewer people in the area than some large cities, distributors knew it'd be warmly received! It was great!!!!

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Strongly recommended!!!!

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After seeing this movie this weekend, I found myself feeling distinctly unworthy. Our military personnel deserve our respect.

They also deserve for the public to take the bad apples on a case-by-case basis instead of painting them with a broad, inaccurate brush!

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I have friends who watch this show. Your article is as close as I get... and it helps me have a vague clue when the show is under discussion.

Also, as a Christian and a conservative, I suppose I shouldn't enjoy "Justified" (which I love), since the protagonist is a cussing, fast-shooting, non-other cheek turning guy who was sleeping with his ex-wife who is still married to her second husband and now is pregnant. And my second favorite character is the bad guy, a drug-dealing, former? racist, murdering, scripture spouting fella sleeping with his brother's widow who murdered said brother.
OR, we can all enjoy what we enjoy on TV and stop excoriating those who don't agree with your preferences...
Just a thought.

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Went to see this yesterday. Theater was full. Enjoyed the story of the camaraderie of the men, the search for the bad guy, the professionalism of the action...
I left the theater feeling very unworthy. And very proud.

[last week someone on BH was bellowing about the bad guy's ethnicity and how that negated all other positives. Poppycock and blather. The bad guy was a perfectly sensible choice in this global world of ours. Look elsewhere for your sucker-punch.]

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Entirely off topic: Blue Bloods is a great TV show that had an amazing episode last Friday. The portrayal of the marriage of Danny & Linda and their son's gun fears was remarkably well-done. And Selleck was awesome in the 9/11 story line!

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I have to admit that even though I knew that the A Team's flying tank was totally beyond, I loved every minute of it...

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I was going to make this comment if no one else did - I was 12-13 and adored this show and thought he was amazing... Although I remember Jack (the replacement) being pretty cute. I wanted to be Dani for years...

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RE John Wayne movies - I haven't seen the non-Western. The other 4 are ones I grew up watching with my dad. I had a friend in college whose younger brother was named Jake because of "Big Jake".
Maybe the people I know in Texas are just more Wayne-enlightened.