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Welcome to BH Ms. Heaton. "The Middle" rocks. One of the funniest and most heart-felt shows on TV. Love You in Tejas

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God, what a shock. So saddened by this tragic news.

I look at it this way. HIs utter and complete Twitter takedown of Alec Baldwin last week, "Please don't talk to me like I am your daughter"is a fitting epitaph.

Rest in Peace Andrew. You are sorely misssed.

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Likie I mentioned in a previous post, they are here a plenty in Texas. Now to be fair, I have met far more people who do walk the walk in their faith, but the back-sliding hypocrites (usually the ones who tell me I am going to hell for being a Catholic) are prevelant anywhere. And as someone mentioned elsewhere on this thread, they are usually the ones so in your face about it. the minister's daughter who gets the abortion.....the closeted church elder, the money that goes missing from the church books.

As far as this show goes, I'm not going to go out of my way to watch it.

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Well other than being the MOST UNFUNNY HUMAN BEING in the entire 4.5 billion year history of this planet, I guess he's not bad.

During his heydey a few years back, I saw him do ten minutes of stand up at the start of SNL and I didn't laugh once! He SUCKS!

And he finished off one of his routines circa 2005 or so with a bit about viagra! Wow, Dane, way to be topical? A Viargra routine! Yeah, no one's thought of that in the last ten years since that drug was introduced. Way to be cutting edge!

I hate Dane Cook!

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Actually, as one of the first people to whip out the old" Yeah let's see _____ do ________ about Islam" I have to say there is a lot of room for satire in that upper class, Protestant( but let's call a spade a spade....Southern Baptist) Texas suburban world.

As a transplanted Yankee Catholic I've gotten a chuckle at and gazed in disbelief at some of the behaviors I have seen from the "once saved-always saved" crowd.

I think of Holly Hunter's Wanda Holloway character in "Texas Cheerleader Murdering Mom" actually plotting murder of a cheerleading rival's Mother, while still playing the organ in church every Sunday, comforted in the (mistaken) fact that since she had accepted Jesus at one time, she was going to Heaven no matter what she did here.

This doesn't get me as bent out of shape as it will some others.

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No, he makes Dane Cook like Charlie Chaplin and Groucho Marx combined, and I would rather have root canal without anesthetic thatn listen to a minute of Dane Cook.

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More like an aereola peek, but hey..

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I used to watch this telecast regularly. I always enjoyedh the film montages, especially if they were done by Chuck Workman, and I always loved the "In Memoriam" tribute. But since about 2005 I really have less and less interest.

The films are either 1) Pretentious anti-American crap 2) stilted liberal message movies with the subtlety of a brick to the head 3) pretentious shaky cam passes for actual cinematography art films

and as far as mainstream movies? 1) CGI laden, brain dead action flicks 2) poorly written gross out comedies aimed at a sixteen year old male where a fart joke is the height of comedic sophistication, 3) medicore chick flicks 4) over killed franchises: Super Heroes, Transformers, Pirates.

I have not seen one of the best picture nominees in three years. Don't see that changing any time soon.

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I don't rely on the opinion of others for silly awards to validate my worth, nor do I particularly care what you think either.

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to quote the great Dennis Miller, "I haven't seen a bar set this low since a dwarf's wake."