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If it hadn't been for Andrew Breitbart and Big Hollywood, I would never have known that there were so many people in entertainment who thought like me. You gave us a place to speak freely. Thank you, Andrew, and rest in peace. You were much too young.

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Hey, thanks Andrew! I just put this into my Netflix queue and can't wait to see it. My friends with HBO have been raving about it forever.

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"We couldn't approve a pipeline because a route didn't exist" (or something like that) But then why was the Gov. of Nebraska so upset that the pipeline was going through their state if a "route didn't exist"?

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Did I miss the part where they said that this was in another country other than the US? So if this man had killed his daughter in an "honor kiling" because in other coutries they do that kind of thing, the judge would let him go? I don't follow the judge's reasoning on this. I don't suggest that he should have been jailed, but fined or at the very least made to apologize for assaulting this guy. The idea that the assaulted was made to apologize to the assaulter because he made him do it, just blows my mind

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Doesn't she get to be impeached now? Judges are not suppose to make political speeches. Their job is rule on the law as it is written. If she wants to change the law then she should resign from the bench and run for Congress.

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Did I hear that right? The State Department ordered his release and then a few days later came back and said you need to get him back??

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Well, that was about the best ad selling her book that I've seen. He just sold at least one copy to me!

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Well, at least he's honest. We know none of the Obama appointees actually work for the good of the American People. Maybe it would actually be more productive to get the actual White House building to answer these questions than the people who work it, on it, or around it.

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Umm, but Sen.. Reid, what exactly is the definition of "mandate"...isn't the definition a "final rule made by a dictator wannabe"? And isn't this just another "we just need to pass it to see what's in the bill" moment? Understand Senator, that will NEVER happen again. The reason to HAVE representatives is so that they will know what's in the bills or mandates before they vote them into law. If you think that the this is not important, retire Senator.

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So Matthews thinks this is about the church's fearing they will lose "credibility"? Uh, no they fear they will lose their souls by being forced to go against everything they believe - the sanctity of human life at every stage. But I have to give him credit for at least seeing that there is a huge problem with Obama and his mandates.