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The standard bearer has fallen.

A multitude steps forward to carry the banner to victory.

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However what "proves" the Earth is warming at NASA is the GISS historical temperature record, which is run by James Hansen, major warming alarmist who shows up prominently in the Climategate emails. Read the articles at good sites like Watt's Up With That, see how the historical records have been twisted and tortured into showing warming even when the raw data says there is no warming and possibly cooling, and wonder if the Earth has been warming at all. Phil Jones, the director at the University of East Anglia's Climactic Research Unit (UAE CRU) where the emails and programs came from, who "stepped down as director pending the results of the investigation," admitted there has been no statistically significant warming for 15 years now.

Earth has liquid water, clouds, and many chemical and biological processes going on the other planets do not, which seem to have done a good job for a long time of keeping Earth in a temperature range where life can survive and even thrive.

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By all means, why insert the ban on abortion funding in hard-to-change legislation, when you can instead have an executive order that can be revoked on a Presidential whim? All the same, right?

Remember this before the elections, when Barry decides "due to overwhelming public opposition to this Executive Order..."

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An entire article on a massive record-shattering weather event, and not one mention of "climate change" or "global warming"?

Now that is a CHANGE that I can HOPE is permanent!

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I thought Barry's foreign policy goal is to damage America's image abroad. He's been amazingly successful.

Didn't Hillary ever get the memo about it?

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We need a religion where it is mandatory that a man wears a large codpiece. Then we can better see what the boundaries for allowable religious wear in the workplace should be.

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Was this a business-only credit, or could local governments (Surprise!) file for it too?

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Making it easier to tell the humans from the animals...

Anyone tell them yet that "Avatar" is furry soft-core porn?

Yup, this will sure help their cause. Not.

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Well, if it would get the gunk drained out of the sinuses and lead to less suffering and headaches...

Sometimes the crap just needs somewhere to spew from.

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You did great work, both in getting the videos and in handling the firestorm that came later.

Now comes the hardest part.

What's next?

The war is not a battle. Keep fighting until it's done.