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Best act of the night: The Civil Wars. If you have not really listened to them yet, you should.

Your comment about singers just singing is spot on. Hey, I like a good stage act as well as the next person, but usually, big production just masks deficiencies of talent. (sorry Rheanna and Katie Perry, and yes, even Taylor Swift, you should take a lesson from the Civil Wars and Adele)

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but the point is a good one . . . he still sucks.

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It's as solid a marker as any Tryanmax

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It strikes me liberalism is less about equal rights than equal outcomes. If you criticize Republican presidents for increasing the size of government, you must either love them for doing so, but unable to admit it, or be extremely disappointed in Democrat presidents who really love government take over. Individual freedom is a classically liberal notion which is closer to modern day conservatism. Modern liberalism is more like the collective be it nationalism or "the borg."

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isn't Santorum the guy who endorsed Arlen Specter for Senate?

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I'll admit it, you had me at S.A.G. snubs Clooney and Streep

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good young actor.

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Streep has joined the list of actors that are so transparently political that I will make it an absolute point to not see their films. She is over the hill and overrated. I remember a Golden Globe earlier in this millenium where she was so drunk I thought she was going to hurl on the table. She was being interviewed and she made some drunken comment about George W. Bush

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my local newspaper/fishwrap in Knoxville just started adding their own politifact and touting it like it's some big deal. First, it would be totally unnecessary if reporters did their job. This is a dumbing down McFactoid and it is only as useful as what is covered. So if you have a paper with a liberal editor and all liberal reporters, and people on their Politicheck" staff, one would need to be a complete idiot to think this won't be used selectively to help the president and democrat congressional candidates in an election year.