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Has anybody else notice how everything that George Clooney does, every project he chooses to participate in, are to make him-- Clooney-- look good? He doesn't use his off-screen persona to sell his movies the way most actors do, he uses his movies to sell his off-screen persona.

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It doesn't present our troops as evil, just psycho.

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You can thank President Barack Obama for that. We all knew it would stop once Bush was gone and the Libs had a president in the White House.

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This post took some work. Great job, Warner.

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When someone comes at you with the race card, they aren’t looking for a conversation, they aren’t looking for a meeting of the minds, they aren’t looking for an intelligent exchange, so don’t even bother trying to give it to them. They are engaging in the politics of personal destruction and they want to assassinate your character. They want to utterly ruin you. So treat them accordingly– like the scumbag punks they are. Bravo Breitbart.

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Dicaprio, far from being "terrible", is in fact pretty AWESOME an actor.

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Never even heard of it, but now I'm going to netflix it.

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Thoughts? That nothing he says has any bearing on reality as I see it. That's his "construct", not mine.

Everything is just a "construct" isn't it, you marxist pig? Well right back at ya, Howard.

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I don't see any Libs lining up to hit him with pies like they do Ann Coulter. I wonder why.

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Charles is a closeted ghey. So he feels he had no choice but to break with the right.