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I suspect the Santorum supporters are so convinced the country will reject Obama, they think this is the time to reclaim the presidency but they're delusional. If the country has to choose between a right wing wing nut and a left wing Marxist Radical, it will stick with the "devil it knows" and Obama will win in a landslide.

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Not sure any professor in universities today (esp. at Harvard) "teach" anything. If anything, they indoctrinate and propagandize. An example: In a neurophysiology course, I "learned" that Republicans might have temporal lobe problems. I believe he used Nancy Reagan's using astrologers as an example. No mention, however, about Hillary Clinton's (at the time) communing with the ghost of long-dead Eleanor Roosevelt in the WH. In other science courses, I've been "treated" to cracks about Republicans, Sarah Palin, etc. This isn't education, these aren't eduators and Bell is just the worst of many bad. But this is how Marxism works - indoctrination enters EVERY aspect of the society: art, science, entertainment, sociology, history, government, etc.

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AMEN. But they won't. People don't like to be inconvenienced and HBO has enough good programming that they can slip their propaganda through without paying any penalty. This is exactly how we lost our country and got someone like Barack Obama as president. Some would say we deserve it; I say we fell asleep at the wheel.

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This is how it works. The Ministry of Propaganda sets out to destroy a person whose ideology it fears and usually does. Ask Whitaker Chambers.

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I never met him, didn't know him, yet I feel like I've lost a friend. Rest in peace, Andrew.

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I remember Delores Hart in "Where the Boys Are".

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I channel surfed past the Oscars a couple of times. Once I caught Billy Crystal and for a minute thought I was seeing a zombie in a tux. Who embalmed the poor guy?

Another time I surfed by when they were announcing Ben Stiller, one of my favorites, so I watched. He presented with some dame who was either out of her mind on drugs or as dumb as a bag of rocks. I never got her name, Emma something or the other, and never heard of her, but she made an absolute ass of herself.

I read the next day that Meryl "ham sandwich" Streep won for hamming it up while decimating Margaret Thatcher, George C. Looney lost (how did THAT happen), one of the stars of "The Help" won for best supporting actress (no way that was NOT going to happen) and Kenneth Branagh for "Marilyn" and the best film was a film celebrating the Silent Era. Maybe these Lefty retards like Cameron Diaz and the aforementioned Ham Streep will take the message and shut up, too .

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And those of us who DO do Fox News don't do Cameron Diaz.

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Your post is interesting in that spouse and I tend to watch the same shows you list. CSI-NY, Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five-O. Just as you said, the latter has strong characters and good stories. They still tend toward the politically correct. You just know the white guy did it -- like the Dennis Miller storyline. But the twist was good enough that I didn't mind. CSI NY is just plain good. Gary Sinese commands the screen. I saw that in spades last week when I watched a re-run of "Apollo 13". Hanks was the star; Kevin Bacon and Ed Harris had great roles; but when Sinese was on screen, they all faded in comparison. We used to watch NCIS, but the Lefty writers (after the series built an audience) started propagandizing and we haven't watched in months. I get my propaganda from the MSM and the DNC -- don't want it in an entertainment show.

The Lefties took over H-wood - in the thirties (about the time they infiltrated the media and government) and in none of these have they relinquished influence. I saw "Moneyball" (it was good) but that was the only nominated film I saw this year. I don't think I saw any of the nominated actresses and only Brad Pitt for the actors. I can get all the propaganda I want gratis from the MSM news sources; I don't need to pay ten bucks for it. If just not going is boycotting, I'm boycotting most of the new films.

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I channel surfed past the Oscars, catching Billy Crystal who looked like he'd been embalmed. I also caught Ben Stiller and whoever that fool was with him -- never heard of her -- but she was absolutely the pits. That's it! That's all I saw. From reading here, I didn't miss much. And they wonder why we don't go to the movies?