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"Will people please stop claiming the Tories have 'won'. In our system, you win when you get a majority of the House of Commons. Let them just ask themselves what they would do and say if Gordon Brown had won the same number of seats and was claiming to have 'won' the election, and then calm down." Peter Hitchens.

Let's remember the time-line of the coalition negotiations in Britain, the incumbent got first shot. Labour and the Lib-Dem negotiated for a few days to try and form government. When the negotiations fell, the Tories met with the Lib-Dem and form a coalition agreement.

Also my reply was about your use of "all" in your post, not all countries with a coalition government had PR was the point being made.

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"All these other countries that have coalitions, including Israel, have proportional representation."

Britain does not have proportional representation.

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It seems team 2012 is alive and well.

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In the House of Commons,

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Rather have them take some seats at the Blocs expense.

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Bad Science by doctor Ben Goldacre is a good read. He debunks pseudo science with the same rage he uses in is weekly column in the Guardian.

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As much as I loved "In the Loop", we need to get "The Thick of It" on dvd in Canada. Peter Calpaldi does an amazing job in it.

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When he said nobody he meant the 38% that voted Conservative in the last election did not want an election.

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What election?

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Il n'y en a aucune dans Little Burgundy et Saint Henri sur Notre-Dame, autour des Lionel Groulx et George Vanier. Bombardé d'enseignes du Bloc et des Libéraux dans le coin par contre.