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I think there's plenty of blame to go around in the Caledonia situation, and I really wish you'd taken my post in the spirit intended. But you know what, you're right. I'm just a dumb loser hypocrite who doesn't deserve to sweep the ground you walk on and can't possibly defend her opinions and therefore has no right to hold any. I suppose I'll take my shoes off, find myself a smart, rich husband, mate, and then stay barefoot in the kitchen raisin' the young'ins where I belong.

I suppose I should probably get off the internet, if that's what I'm gonna do.

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Cripes, I hope you post that to everyone who ever uses a meme here. Hate to think you and griff are targeting me because I actually have a positive ID rating.

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Careful, now: Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

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Diplomatic staff with big mouths (as an idea, not an accusation).

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Who is this person and why does he hate the troops?

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Even if it were established before Fantino entered the scene, enforcement of the law was in his hands, and he chose a certain path.

McGuinty also bears responsibility for Caledonia, but then again, so does any Prime Minister who's been in power since the whole shebang got started. Native treaties, as well as criminal law, are both considered federal "powers" (though left mostly up to the provinces to enforce.)

McGuinty's mandate is not directly in policing; Fantino's was. That he couldn't police the area for the greatest good to the greatest number demonstrates, to me, a failure to live up to one's mandate that I cannot forgive.

There are far better areas in which to criticize McGuinty in terms of his failure to live up to his mandate (eHealth, OLG, Health Premium, Smart Meters, coal-fired generation anyone?)

Thanks for the attack, though. Nice to know my abs can still take a needless gut punch from time to time.

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I used to think that Cats had better hearing than the rest of us humans, but apparently not.

Aside from which, it's a poor call indeed to confuse measured support with putting the ...well, you know... on a pedastal.

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A quick look at my post history would suggest I'm just in a rather bad mood today and unwilling to further contribute to the meme-fest.

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If the United States doesn't want Canada at the table, they certainly don't need the help of Canadian Liberals to make it so.

Imaginings of a grand conspiracy between Liberals and Obama Democrats are just that - imaginings. There's no incentive for a President to be back-rooming it with the Canadian Opposition leader, and there's certainly no political benefit for a Canadian leader to be seen cozying up to the US (or outwardly bashing them, either).

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"Standing Up for Canada".

Interesting turn of phrase, there.

(And yes, just an observation...)