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Just as it is hard to argue that, in 2004, a fairly blunt letter to the GG reminding her of her ''options'' was done as a simple courtesy (as if somehow the GG wasn't quite aware of her job description).

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''... as opposition leader I was seeking to put pressure on the government to influence its agenda without bringing it down...''

This could just as much apply to the motivations of Dion/Layton/Duceppe. Before the ''coalition'' threat came down, Harper's gang had a bit of a laissez-faire attitude towards the economic crisis (and stimulus related response). In fact, his plan was to tend to it months later (if required).

This did not suit the Opposition and they sought to change that approach. They did what they had to do... And just like that, Harper went about it differently, mostly borrowing from The Opposition's stimulus plans and then marketing it as his own.

The Opposition succeeded in influencing the Government's agenda without bringing it down...

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Dippers advocating for tax cuts, Cons advocating for ''giving money away''...

And the times, they are a changin'!!!

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Agreed... When Harper came riding in on a promise to lower the GST by one (then two) percentage points, it was terrible policy-making. In fact, it was much more ''classic retail politics'' than this proposal.

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I agree, I doubt their regular fare were featured and, I agree that it may very well be a lobbying shenanigan...

Which brings it back to my (above) question... Why would politicians get themselves involved in any of that? it seems rather improper.

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I'd like more info on this reception...

Why (or in what honour) was McDonald's hosting a reception featuring many politicians?

From some of the pictures, it would appear McDonald's was heavily promoting its menu... Why would politicians get themselves involved in any of that? Is this some kind of endorsement of McDonald's menu items and/or policies (one picture seems to indicate something along the lines of employment policies)?

Will Harvey's be doing a gala at the Lord Elgin? And St-Hubert at Chateau Frontenac?

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Granted, I would not be automatically alienated by someone who has globe trotted in pursuit of academic and professional endeavors, I agree with you on many of the points you bring up... In the case of Ignatieff, ''the country he left behind'' is a bit harsh considering the context. But alas, as you said, I think that point has become rather moot.

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And so, I would assume such a diverse skill set, including international academic accomplishments, broad professional experiences, etc..., could/should be considered a valuable asset in the job of Prime Minister (and not a detriment to such a post)?

Assuming your answer would be yes... Should this now end the constant denigration of anyone who has such accomplishments?

My point in all this is that, managing a conglomerate aside, there are many similarities between the paths (academic and professional diversity) of Wright and Ignatieff... I'm all for attacking policies and ideologies but, it disgusts me to hear one labeled as elite, out of touch, etc... Or, if you prefer, to dismiss such assets as incompatible with high ranking posts.

Concerning Wright... I'm fine with this nomination. However, Harper ought to shut up about Ignatieff's credentials. It furthers the hypocrisy to which Harper seems so prone to practice.
(I am reminded of Harper's claim that his shtick is not about hobnobbing with celebrities only to juxtapose that with a flood of pictures, captions and stories of Harper hobnobbing with celebrities)

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Kermit, could you elaborate on your assessment? You note the he is a ''very impressive hire''... What makes him an impressive hire? Is it his resumé? Is it his academic credentials? Is it his intellectual potential (perhaps tied to his academic and professional life? Or, in a broader sense, is it a combination of all this?

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''Soon to be Conservative MP from Ottawa-Vanier'' - Hahahaha!!!! That ain't gonna happen!

''We didn't invent projects out of thin air, etc...'' - Is this including or excluding Tony Clement's riding (as an example)?

''created more jobs than lost during the recession'' - Can anyone point to me a source that would show this to be true, and then we can look at qualifying that statement (ie. losing a secure and salaried position but gaining a clerk position at Tim Horton's ain't much of a gain)

''Canada will not return to the era of growing deficits...'' - This government has been very much part of that era.

''My friends... My Friends... My friends...'' - John McCain, is that you?

All I can say is that I hope voter turnout improves...