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The Mel Brooks one was fantastic. I also loved his recent Michael Keaton interview, where you could tell they were having a ball talking to each other.

He did a live one with Jeffrey Tambor that had me in pain from laughing, and when he had Michael Cera he spent the entire thing trying to get Cera to divulge some deep darknesses that he just doesn't seem to have in him, and was forced to conclude (with a tinge of disappointment) that Cera's a reasonably well-adjusted guy (especially for a child actor).

I bought Daniel Smith's book Monkey Mind -- one of the best things I did for myself in the past year -- after hearing his and Maron's epic commiseration episode, discussing growing up Jewish, unmanageable anxiety, and the difficulty in telling the difference.

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Jesus, a guy steps out for a year or so to get some fresh air and buy cigarettes, and when he gets back everything's all topsy-turvy. Grumble grumble world of change.

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I am filled with self-loathing. Pls advise via fax.

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[starts working on 8-bit version of "Casanova"]

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[gets lost at nolapic for the next ten hours]

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I'm like the transit of Venus or whatever the shit.

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[updates spreadsheet]

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You won't let me go outside, so internet.

(I just got back and I'm already sick of my avatar.)

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I can totally do that!