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If that's the best the "Blame Iggy" crowd can come up with, then I think it's safe to say that Iggy didn't really do anything all that wrong.

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I totally agree. Up the per vote subsidy and ban all donations.

13 years ago @ - 'Nothing more than a s... · 1 reply · +1 points have no idea about the particulars of this one specific young woman. You don't even know if she was engaged in any nefarious acts - was she charged with anything?

And yet you've decided that since she's not proficient in the English language then it's extremely likely that she's a victim of sex trafficking.

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Of course I never called you a racist prick or even prejudiced. I said you were coming close to making some pretty prejudicial statements.

And I stand by that. 'Cause you are.

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That's not an awful lot to cause suspicion/concern then...

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That's an awful lot to assume simply based on her proficiency with the English language.

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Why would you think that? Solely because she can't speak English very well? I think you're skating very close to making some pretty prejudicial statements here.

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Why? If their clientele is predominantly Chinese, why should her difficulty with English be a concern?

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I suspect you're correct. The NDP have been tacking to the Centre for a little while now, it's just that only recently has anyone paid any attention :)

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Must not ever admit error, eh old boy?