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Prison I think.

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I am shocked to learn that this is how our government works. Here I've been under the impression that we vote in an MP, not a government. Who knew?

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The debate has already been opened. By one of his MP's in fact. I think the people have a right to know where all the leaders stand on this issue. Stephen Harper has not answered the question. The media should not allow him to slip out of this. Harper's opinion on a woman's right to choose has a direct affect on his policies on maternal health and need to be uncovered and exposed. Having our rights eroded quietly in the backrooms of parliament by a party unwilling to put their ideas before the electorate is a slap in the face to woman across the country!

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I agree with that. With the British election and the regular use of the word coalition during the recent coverage of Libya there has been a much more positive impression of coalitions.

That said I think this bullishness of Harper's, declaring he won't work with our elected representatives in a minority situation will backfire. People want their government to work. To work together. His stance smacks of self interest. I don't think Canadians like that look on their politicians. It's exactly why the cons tried to paint Ignatieff with that brush in their pre writ ad campaigns. It was a bad move on Harper's part.

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That's a very clear and concise explanation of our system. I only wish our dear leader understood our parliamentary system so well. My worry is that he does, and yet still spouts gibberish like "only the first place party can form government." for pure self interest and partisan gain. Make one yearn for a real leader. One who respects the people that send ALL of the MP's to Ottawa!

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I hope that's sarcasm John. I'd hate to think your that much of a tool.

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Today's headlines are that Harper would be unwilling to work with the other parties if he is given a minority government in this election. Doesn't sound like he's changed much to me.

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Nice! A man of the people.

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Why don't you go to one of his events, and ask him. The Liberal's seem pretty willing to take all questions. Even absurd ones like yours.

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She was trending on twitter last night. Many people seem to care what she had to say. Those people vote.

To your other point, yes common sense is what the opposition has in this election. It seems in short supply with the Conservatives. You should look into that.