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I could swear I just heard two war rooms thank you for the compliment.

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I guess I am drawn to mysterious young women who play hard-to-get. Which is a curious blend of features in a politician, but it seemed to work well with many Quebec voters a week ago...

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In British Columbia, the ads accused Layton of wanting to impose a gas tax through his carbon cap and trade scheme; and of scheming with the Bloc separatists to form an usurping coalition. In Ontario, the ads were a hybrid of the Conservatives’ patriotic and anti-Ignatieff messages.

Regional ad buys, eh? So is national office splitting up the bill among various local candidates?

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The credited author knowingly concealed the truth about the real author, or at the least a co-author who should have been credited. This is not the conduct of an ethical academic. She is at least in part a "victim" of her own lamentable conduct.

Your liar is in no way excused; a helpful hint for you needs to be repeated, apparently: "There's deception everywhere here."

My point is there is more than one liar in this story.

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None whatsoever. IT IS MY VERY POINT! What part of:

As soon as the Chair has apprised the House that a prima facie case of privilege has been found, the Member raising the matter is immediately allowed to move a motion.

has got you so baffled?

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They get it both ways. Allege the shadiness of the nomination process WITHOUT an actual judicial challenge, AND hope she flops big time.

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I have had this crush on Charmaine Borg since Paul Wells asked us all if we'd seen her, since the good people of Terrebonne-Blainville hadn't, either.

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I would have to want the job myself to be jealous.

Of course, if I wanted the job, I would stand for election and actually, you know, campaign for the job.

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There are (at least?) two steps in a recall: the petition and the vote.

I would have to do more research than I care to tonight about existing jurisdictions, but the petition is where I would impose greater hurdles on petitioners at the start of a mandate, lower hurdles after a year or two, and then maybe higher hurdles again as we get closer to the next general election anyways.

But I would expect 50% plus 1 of valid votes, representing at least X (pick your number, maybe 33.333) % of all eligible voters, in favour of recall, to do the trick. This percentage, at first rumination of mine, should not vary with elapsed time. It should be tough. So tough it may never be used. But it probably is better to have something like that than to not have something like that.

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"Once I set my mind to something." OK, it seems like she has opted to suffer the burden of switching jobs from an Ottawa campus pub to Parliament Hill for an X-fold bump in income. But she has obviously only "set her mind to it" AFTER Jack-o-manie 2011 swept her into something she obviously didn't expect or want.

Which suggests she might have chosen NOT to set her mind to it, too. Neither her mind nor her heart was in it a week ago.