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Unless you're willing to send your wrinkled old butt in their place, I'd suggest all you have to do is look.

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Wow, you shouldn't have eaten that brown acid, dude. I am a leftist. Have a job, have a business, been working my ass off since I was a child. Will keep doing so until I can't. I pay for my own ethics, thanks. Time to re-examine your prejudices, my little buckaroo.

The thing is that you seem to think ethics are something that can be bought and sold. I'm sure Angry Steve and that Carson fellow agree with you. Ethics...real ethics, not sucking on whatever corporate member lands in your mouth... are something we should encourage in young people.

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Whenever I read a poll, or hear that a candidate/leader/party is going to win or lose, I always remember that Hunter Thompson almost became sheriff on a platform of peyote and bicycles. The polls never saw that one coming because nobody was polling bicycle-riding peyote fiends. Thompson called it the "Freak Vote."

The dynamic isn't that different from the youth vote today. They aren't very pollable, since they don't have landlines and tend not to vote. If somebody gets them to turn up and vote though, things change in a hurry and the polls go out the window.

Now I don't mean to suggest that today's youth are a bunch of peyote-gobbling hippies...they have their own drugs (or at least new names for the old ones) and realize that refusing to wash isn't really a political statement. I am suggesting that if they get their butts out to the polls they can the Fear into us old farts though. Who the hell are we to decide their future?

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If I want to know anything...about the budget, about the proper way to hold a crayon, doesn't matter...Ryan Sparrow is one person I would ignore completely. Jim Flaherty is another. Not to mention Angry Steve Harper himself. When people have a record of never telling the truth, like this crowd in the Harper Party, it's best just to note that they are liars and ignore what they say.

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Of the Supersuckers? Try this one

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Those prosecutors you are trying to hide behind characterized it as "serious illegal activity," Crit. Not quite the minor transgression you are making it out to be.

A crime prosecuted under the elections act is still a crime too, no matter how you sing and dance.

And since evidence in the public sphere points to falsified invoices and claiming rebates under false pretence, fraud is certainly implied.

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"Btw, I've been following you on Twitter!"
Excellent, you'll be buying a Supersuckers album soon, I take it.

"I'm pretty sure it's not kosher to publicly claim that someone is facing fraud charges when they're really not. "
They are facing fraud charges though. Common usage would include charges related to fraud in that, and the charges they are facing could definitely be described that way.

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It's the lighting technique. It works well, suits his face and shape of his head. Good to see they have some capable people on the ad side of things.

I actually have more trouble with the lighting the Liberals use on would be better suited to a fashion model. They should move the main to one side a bit more, and tone down the fill.

I don't want to get into Harper's lighting crew, other than to say there really isn't much creativity in that party.

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They'll lose, the truth being a defence and all.

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The Conservatives are still trying to spin the charges as a minor thing, like a speeding ticket, Catherine. You are right in your appraisal though, and so are the NDP in theirs. If not Harper would be suing them right now.