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It's desperately unfair.
Why is the first reaction to think that the accusations are not true?
Have women been shown to have made these things up in the past? Not in my experience. Like you said they have everything to lose in the current climate, so why would they do that?
It seems that a type of "rule of thumb" still exists today and the benefit of the doubt is only accorded to the man.

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Apparently one muffled testament form an anonymous caller is enough evidence to damn an opponent, but ten examples on another thread isn't enough to identify the character of "most conservatives."

"No, sorry, even ten examples doesn't describe most conservatives.
Conservatives are against more government. "

Ah don't ya just love it when goalposts come with wheels pre-installed.

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Not that that is immediately apparent looking at the Bush Governments record and the actions of the current bunch in charge in Canada.
Draconian intrusions into privacy and ad hoc incarcerations being legislated into law, gagging rules for public employees and laws preventing the public from being involved in massive infrastructure developments coupled with a reduction in government transparency, indicate that modern Conservatism is all about government interference in people's lives.

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"It means that there is no consensus that birth is the beginning of human life.
Which is a win for the unborn. It means that the Criminal Code may be erring."

The fact that it is in the criminal code as "at birth" means that there exists a consensus view.
You are seeking to overturn that consensus view and provide a new one. Therefore the onus is on you to provide evidence as to why your view is the correct one. Biologically and physically the foetus is dependent on it's host parent until birth. Legally the foetus isn't a person until birth. Even theologically the foetus is treated as less than a person until it is born.
Your task is not an easy one given this "consensus" that you insist cannot exist

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I couldn't believe what I read with regard to this. How is that particular violent crime against the person ever a source of amusement?
It makes you think how his female relatives view his act. If they seek to excuse it, one must wonder about the power dynamics within that particular family unit.
And that is a worrying thought, unless his wiring is seriously crossed, such behaviour is usually learned.

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".......Jesus, the Blessed Mother and St. Anthony"
Were these my words?
Are they invisible?
Am I dumping on everything?
Am I in pain?

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I never said god was all good, omnipotent or omniscient that is the claim of the religious and as such are man-made claims; until you can show that god is something other than man's creation you have a serious problem with this argument. Because until then your statement is basically saying nobody is entitled to hold "man's idea of god" accountable for anything; and "man's idea of god" embodies the moral law itself.
I'm not too down with that kind of morality unless due process is involved.

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I can be happy for people.
It's just those who praise their invisible friend for finding something, but not hold them accountable for them going missing in the first place strike me as holding some weird double standards.
Add that to the same invisible friend's penchant for helping those out who are not facing life threatening peril (football touchdowns, home runs, finding lost car keys and ticket etc) while at the same time allowing hundreds to perish due to a heat wave and you have one messed up idea of a loving, caring friend.
I'm pleased she found her tickets, but I have a lot of doubt about the involvement of a deity et al. She just looked in the right place and found something she left there.
Remember Kinyobe I never brought Jesus into it, I just queried his sense of priorities if he was involved.

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Wow that's some special deity there.
Hundreds nay thousands die world wide today and he takes his eye off the ball to find your rail tickets.
Gotta wonder about his omnipotence and caring nature.


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And if you really want to find out what people really think about a difficult issue you ask them a properly worded question that includes no bias, otherwise you aren't finding out what they want. The telling phrase in your reply was, "So if you want a Yes/No result, you need to nudge people into expressing a view by removing the option to sit on the fence." So if the majority of people do not hold an extreme position on an issue you have to find a way to make them adopt one? How is this their honest opinion then?
This is what happens when you let pseudoscientists play at science. Arriving at a truthful conclusion isn't a one size fits all affair, it takes work and a little bit of honesty. Just because the social sciences contain the word science doesn't make them in anyway a science, remember East Germany had Democratic in their title too.