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Really? So that's why Harper refused to get anywhere near anyone who wasn't an already confirmed supporter?

Of course, the fact that that worked in gaining him more supporters is somewhat confusing. :)

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I think only in that he did not campaign with that in mind. Or maybe he did, but just wasn't sure where that 37% could be found.

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Oh, point taken, and I don't. I suppose it could have been arrogance, personally I think he simply didn't know what to say and thought bluffing it out was the way to go. Which is pretty much never the way to go in my books. Which, I guess, is arrogance of a kind.

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I agree with that. The Liberals are getting the coverage now because nothing else is really going on, and its always fun to speculate on where we screwed up and what we'll do now. Once Parliament resumes sitting, we'll probably not get any coverage at all, except for the interim leader pick--or if someone does something either remarkably unexpected or remarkably stupid.

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Precisely. These unnamed party insiders are protecting their own jobs by blaming the leader (he's already gone so might as well take all the heat). If I didn't want whomever they are fired before this, I do now.

On the other hand, I am in agreement with Karygiannis.

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Up the vote subsidy, keep the donations (perhaps a 50% tax credit instead of the 75% or whatever it is up to $400) and get rid of the 60% back on expenes! How much you spend on expenses has nothing to do with supporters and voters--at least once you get over the 10% of the vote thing, which has always struck me as patently unfair, since you spend the expense (or don't)before you can know. In other words, that is the subsidy that most aids attack ads and that most leaves opponents silent. Which of course then affects the vote subsidy and the donations.

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No, the bar at the Carleton will seem like the oasis of civility.

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Frankly, I always thought we had that rule. I also wondered how Olivia Chow and Jack Layton got around it--was their house straddling riding borders? I thought that's why parachute candidates moved into the riding! I didn't realize they didn't have to.

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Winter's coming. I'm loving that show! That's exactly how I feel, too. I've used that line a couple of times this week, but nobody else has watched that show to get the reference.

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Or 3, the guy honestly forgot he signed it. Or 4, the guy is now embarrassed that he signed it, now that he realizes she doesn't speak French and doesn't live in the riding.

But have you all read The Best Laid Plans? This is the reality version, LOL!