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Get your facts right "PHD candidate". The Viva Palestinian convoy led by George Galloway delivered mostly ambulances and trucks filled with medical supplies, food and clothing. The cash donation handed over to the properly elected prime minister Gaza represented only a tiny portion of the total value of the goods delivered.

Hamas was elected by the people of Gaza in an election that was free and fair. The international oversight of those elections found no evidence of rigging or fraud. Yet Canada was not pleased with the outcome and was one of the first countries to refuse to recognize the outcome. Hamas remains nothing but a terrorist organization in the eyes of the Canadian government.

And George Galloway did not have a protracted legal battle to get into the country. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's clumsy moves and subsequent lies left them open to libel. Galloway was allowed to enter Canada unchallenged, without any legal ruling required, because chickenshit Kenney had no leg to stand on.

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It was in the Michael Moore movie - Wal-Mart was taking out insurance policies on it's non-executive front-line employees with Wal-Mart named as the beneficiary.

This did not make sense to me at all because no matter how many employees Wal-Mart insured and collected on, the premiums paid should exceed the benefits paid out - unless the actuaries at Wal-mart successfully bet against the actuaries of the insurance companies.

Maybe Wal-Mart was hoping to work them to an early death? Even I'm not that cynical.

A bit of research cleared that up. Death proceeds on term life insurance policies are TAX FREE. So Wal-Mart does this to minimize taxes! It has nothing to do with hedging pension plan liabilities since the vast majority of WM employees have no pension plan.

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Well, I thought this was really funny! And there are links to prove this is a reasonable, credible, line of thought.

May I suggest this has been a PR disaster for all involved without getting 10 thumbs down?

I mean really, what were they thinking? LOL

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I've never been a big fan of you Potter, but that was a great piece, and is deserving of the tag "Potter's Gold".

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I a friend of mine told me that one of the exec's at his company had been denied entry to the US recently for some offense committed in Canada that had long been stricken from the record. I came as quite a surprise because she had been making regular trips to the US to golf for the last 15 years.

The Americans border control now has information on Canadians that they never had before. Welcome to the new world order of the Harper Government (TM).

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After Iggy loses his own seat and brings on the worst election results for the Libs in history, he announces that he plans to stay on as leader! Is there any other proof needed that this guy just doesn't get it?

Hey Iggy, I think others in your party might have different plans.

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Great article AW - one of your best!

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That was yesterday's news. It's true that Iggy took the lead on April 1 (no fooling) and is leaving Harper in the dust.

But looking at yesterday's numbers, Iggy captured over 2 'thumbs-up' for every one that that Harper bagged, but Layton got 3 for every vote that Iggy snagged!

Like I said, this is shaping up to be a very interesting horse race.

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Speaking of Facebook; did you know that Jack Layton passed Stephen Harper on the people like this meter yesterday? And that Layton, in the last week, has also been getting almost five Facebook votes for every one that Harper has scored in the last week?

It's turning into an interesting election.

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Interesting. I was looking into a VPN service so I could watch CBC's Fifth Estate here in Holland. CBC "geo-fences" much of it's content from foreign IP's, so I'm blocked from some of the best Canadian content (IMHO) there is.