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Well.......we all knew this would happen one day, this is just the start of the unrest!

We can do without criminals like this rampaging around our town/cities/country! I would round the whole lot up and deport them .........they must be a very ungrateful bunch of uncivilised idiots if they wish to destroy all the good they have gained by living here! They don't deserve to continue to live here when they behave like this, but then with their culture being so different to ours, there was always going to be trouble. Cultures so different CANNOT live in harmony together! Perhaps those insistent on enforcing a multi-cultuural society upon us might just think again!!!

I expect the taxpayer is also having to pay to keep most of these scum in luxury to top it all!!!

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I had a golliwog when I was a child. I didn't connect it with black people, it was just a golliwog ......what is offensive these days, is the attitude some people have now regarding these harmless toys, that's the only offensive thing about gollywogs now, it's all so totally ridiculous and unnecessary!

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I really like it, it hit the spot for me! British National Party written in full does give a better impression, its great I think, a great logo for a great party!

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Ahhhh how lucky you were to get so close Knight, they are beautiful little birds.

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Well our little robin redbreasts are definitely very British, I look after my little friends when they visit my garden ..................and yes I have a son named Robert, what a great English name that is, in fact all my sons have great British names!

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LOL you lot are so funny, had me in stitches :-)

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I think it is a great idea to have just the thumbs up, if you don't agree with a comment then leave it, otherwise give it a thumbs up, we don't need the thumbs down button at all!

If people think they are getting at us by just clicking the thumbs down button on our comments then they are sad souls indeed. Our comments obviously get to them, probably because they are honest, truthful and ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON!!! Keep up the good work my fellow patriots!! We will out the truth if no-one else will!

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Absolutely Crone, well said and I totally agree it is extremely childish, and yes because we speak the truth, the truth hurts some people!!!!! Keep up the excellent comments fellow patriots!

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Very well said Crone you are so right, I wish they would bring back the death penalty, there is just no deterrent for even the most vile crime these days!

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They can't blame the whites and the whites know deep down who is to blame for the vast majority of evils around the world.

It's all in the genes, gun crime, rapes, armed robbery, mugging, most violent crimes are carried out by black gangs because they are just more aggressive and anti-social by nature, nothing is going to change that, no special squad or task force and no amount of money! We don't appreciate violence and aggression in the west, there is no place for this behaviour in our countries. Deport those who are guilty! Better still, don't let them in, in the first place!