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The person who signed that notice should have at least had the decency to print his own name. Anybody could have signed it. Are they implying that you are guilty for not being at home when they came to your house.

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Isn't Tamiflu useful against Cholera. There must be lots of unused stocks in the UK getting close to the use-by-date, which we could send to Pakistan.
Amazing how they developed the vaccine so fast in such large quantities just as the swine flu broke out.

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We all know that immigration and the population eplosion are of great concern to us. The theory that we need immigrants to fill job places has been extremely badly thought out by the politicians.

If the population in the UK continues to grow at the rate it is, with an estimated 77 million by 2050, we'd better start planning ahead NOW.

The resulting problems associated with rapid increase in population include:

A need for:---

* more houses
* more roads
* more schools
* more jobs
* more hospitals
* more electricity
* more reservoirs and water supplies
* more sewage works
* more agriculture and farming
* more transport
* more free space
* and lots of money to pay for it all

These are just some of the problems which come to mind and must be clearly pointed out to the elite in th EU.

It looks like suicide to me.

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As I see things, the BNP has a solid membership.
There are some differences within the leadership, but deep down we all have one desire -- to keep Britain British.
We have a well written constitution, which has taken years to develop.
We have a Manifesto, which, with a few small exceptions meets all members main wishes.

Some changes may need to be made in the light of some coming legal actions against the party but the British National Party is the only true party for Britain and it won't be beaten.

I'm not sure much action is needed to gain popularity. You just have to look at the state of things in some regions of the country, especially London. Just let the Con/Libdem partnership make a mess of things, which they will, and the BNP will start move forward with leaps and bounds.

People need to see BNP written everywhere and they will respond and take notice.

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Just imagine if she won and then at the next election Labour won.
Wouldn't that be hilarious in Prime Minister's Question Time --- "I've got nothing more to say."
This woman is useless.

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A very informative triple video.

Right at the end, the last phrase, "DESTRUCTION OF OUR CULTURE", raises the important question, "What is CULTURE".

Culture is seen differently by everyone and is something, which is constantly changing as technologies develop, the environment changes, people grow older and new generations appear, rules and laws change, companies and financial institutions merge, break up and often collapse. and families change and move away. Also culture changes with immigration, emigration, political changes, the EU, wars and many other reasons

Things cannot be "Like They Used To Be".

What I think is important is that the powers that be, should steer cultural change in ways, which people want change to happen. And it would seem that we, as a nation (and many other nations too), are not being allowed to decide what cultural changes to their society can take place.

The powers that be will not allow the people to control important changes to their society and culture. They decide for us and force it upon us by removing the powers for us to resist.

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The most common smear word is "Nazi", as I have experienced often while campaigning.
So I think, if any word in the party name were changed it should be "National".

However, it's not the name of the party, which is the main problem. It is the image, which starts at the top.

I would also sugget that the word PROFESSIONAL should be added to the 3 words HONESTY, INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY. This is very important for the party to gain wide respect.

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On election night in Leeds we got an overdose of that. The only person who sees anything inspiring in this man is himself.

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If the Euro collapses, then the pound and the dollar follow, we're well on the road to the "One World Order".
That's the plan of the banks who control the world's goverments.
If you don't believe it watch this video:

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"elderly and very young"
"elderly, disabled, sick, unemployed and very young"

But don't let the list get too big.