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`I wish I knew how to get the ear of our folk. '

I'm afraid we are flogging a dead horse shaun, following the response to the comment at 7.43pm here. As long as nothing upsets the pastime of the masses in glorifying overpaid `role models' kicking a leather bag of wind around a field, no one gives a stuff.

The same comment under various articles about the LT not allowing comment on certain `racially/religiously sensitive' issues will not be there long for sure.

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Sorry to learn of Marine's injury, which I am sure is most painful, and it occurs to me that the same misfortune could not have happened to Hollande (or Camoron, Milliband, Clegg, etc, all being invertebrates) as he would have to have had a spine in the first place.

Off topic - It looks like another Mosque-by-the-back-door for another unfortunate overrun Northern town -

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Every time I have seen media reference to these cases in the recent past and the very belated actions/apologies of police, social workers, CPS, etc, I have never missed an opportunity to point out the part played by the BNP in highlighting this ongoing atrocity. With them shooting the messanger rather than heed the warnings, I proposed that all (including the media) should all collectively hang their heads in shame. NEVER any credit given when due, of course. Not usually printed of course but I like to remind those NUJ puppets that some of us are not so nieve.

Off Topic, I just came across this-

Now someone else is getting the BNP treatment - I hope they enjoy it. I don't this Bruno likes UKIP! With the spitting, slobering delivery, I think he sounds a bit like Weyman Bennett?

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O.T. The great unwashed are at it again locally -

They do not mention the British Democratic Party standing in Pendle - perhaps they don't realise who they are yet. Andrew Brons has had my thoughts on this. I am greatly upset that the BDP (who I was about to join but now question their integrity) have decided to stand a candidate against the present successful BNP councillor, Brian Norton Parker, in the same ward. A slim majority last time, with an ever-increasing Muslim population in the area, this will probably result in NEITHER getting in. Great! No wonder the Nationalist movement is on the ropes. I despair.

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Sorry to be off topic but I just came across this which should please BBC haters like myself, if you did not see it.

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Off topic but one which could have big implications for us free-thinking non-conformists -

The noose is tightening.

Never mind - one bit of possible good news,

Also, you can't beat a bit of Dhimmi - ism,

Funny how these `getting togethers' are ALWAYS on their turf, following THEIR customs.

The LT never misses a chance to minimise the negative effects of the mass import of it's favorite people, this time under the guise of public `Opinion',

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Same here and I asked to be removed from their mailing list months ago.

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Of Topic but I am seething. Dropped though my letterbox today is a begging letter from the BRITISH Red Cross requesting donations towards the MUSLIM victims in Syria. I object to this on at least two fronts.

1) It is largely the fault of our non-representative government (in backing America and others in The West) that this disaster has been inflicted on the innocent inhabitants of this once-peaceful and harmonious country - just like many others. We, with France, are now pushing to arm the invading insurgents, mercenaries falsely labelled `rebels' by our media, in an effort to bring down a legitimate leadership. According to RT, these insurgents are reportedly complete strangers to the Syrian people, slaughtering some victims by cutting their throats in the streets just as an example to locals. Even forcing children to decapitate the bodies. Groups of females killed, all proven to have been raped according to medical staff, including the young, middle and older aged. Such that some people carry hand grenades, preferring a quick death if stopped by these animals. All this blamed on Assad forces. None of this has been done in my name.

2) What is the Red Cross doing in running an appeal for a Muslim Country? Where is the (Muslim) Red Crescent charity in all this? Although they are teamed up in this begging letter, I had read (here I think) that they provide NO assistance in non-Islam countries, I looked up the facts and found this.

Question: Why aren't there any international Muslim charities that attend to the needs non-Muslim victims?

Summary Answer: Muslims are not commanded to assist non-Muslims. To do so is a waste of money, because they are going to Hell anyway. The Quran and Hadith command that money flow either between Muslims or from non-Muslims to Muslims (the jizya in Quran 9:29). Neither has the Islamic community ever been particularly keen on disaster relief, even for Muslim victims. This is because the Quran teaches that the disasters which befall communities are a punishment from Allah.

Well, they can go and take a running jump as I make sure any charity donation I give goes to OUR people, like our suffering pensioners, betrayed ex-forces personnel, Lifeboat and Air Ambulance Services, etc. The British Red Cross will be getting a strong letter explaining my views on all this and what I think of their appeal.

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Spot on with opening the mines, as I frequently advocate myself. Some 300 - 400 years of energy supply, provision of jobs, non-dependence on foreign suppliers of gas/oil/coal. Whilst we shoot ourselves in the foot avoiding this obvious solution to many of the UK's troubles, based on the highly spurious claims by the global warming/green advocates. In the meantime, our (the West's) big competitor, China is building about 1 coal-fired electric generator a week as I understand, and many others by other growing nations. I am sure we have the skills to develop a less polluting plant if the commitment was there. Mental. Roll on a Nationalist government.

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This is why I have been steadily turning part of my/our savings into gold and (particularly) silver for the past 3 months, as I have previously written to encourage other patriots here to do. Time is running out as I believe (like others who are much more knowledgeable about these things) we are facing a financial meltdown in the very near future. We will see but it seems history is repeating itself.

To add to the books on Nationalism, I would recommend buying the Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver by Micheal Malony (about £11 on Amazon) as I have done. If that does not convince someone of the dangers in having any savings they might have being tied up solely in fiat currency (ie, not linked to the price of gold as is the case now with just about all currencies - the book explains how only gold and silver are real `money'), nothing will. It could be the best £11 ever spent for the converted. To me, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get back at corrupt bankers and politicians - as well as some security, I hope.

As for this spat with SWN, I can only say it saddens me even more to read about further discord between good Nationalists. I have to admit it has made me feel more and more disengaged of late - no doubt this will cause me criticism here of being too wishy-washy and lacking true commitment. I have always valued and enjoyed SWN's articles and do not doubt his sincerity and yet I understand G.A's viewpoint vis-a-vis the motives/loyalties of BF. A difficult one.

Still, I'll carry on supporting Western Spring and now feel inclined to sign up to the BDP, having had an invitation to join a newly formed local branch. By God, this country needs a meaningful Nationalist group/party for people to get behind - those all now rushing to board the UKIP lifeboat as a way out (now the treasonous LibLabCon are finally rumbled) are in for a big disappointment.