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Another good article Kasredin, which is basically a call for unity which I whole heartedly approve of. My feeling is that there is too much dwelling on the past and too much negativity. Constantly denigrating your oponents does not endear the general public to any movement and when those oponents are public heros and people who the public hold great affection for it is a recipe for disaster. The main political parties have themselves called for an end to negative campaigning on several occasions. Running down other Nationalists as I have seen done in the most vitriolic way, is no way to win hearts and minds. If we are going to win votes we have to appear professional, relevant and balanced. As I said in another comment - if we want to play the game we have to remember the opposition own the ground, the kit and the ref and they wrote the rules, so we have to play by their rules or their is no game.

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There is no contradiction just a different approach, the idea that the jew is responsible for all the ills of the world is just too big for most and you get information overload and then shut down. Take BNP v UKIP, UKIP are making huge gains because they focus in what the people want to hear and broadly their aims are very similar. BNP were lost from the start because they made the commection with anti semitism and were brought down. I know its simplistic but the only way forward is softly softly. If we want to play this game we have to realise that the kit, the playing field and the ref all belong to the opposition and they wrote the rules, so we have to appear to be one of them. Dr John Dee didn't get to where he got by screaming traitor at every didgy count at court.

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I hate to point out the obvious, but - The Zionist jews are the ones getting their articles printed in the msm and their fairy tales on television and they have the sympathy of the masses. All that is going to happen if you go "full on" at them is that you will get locked up. I don't believe anyone wants to take it easy on the Zionists as you put it, but giving our hand away with futile gestures will get us nowhere. At the moment, as you rightly say, they are under pressure, people are starting to question for themselves, the Cyprus thing isn't going to go away and nobody sticks two fingers up to Putin and gets away with it for long. Get the people listening to us first then give them the facts in pieces that they can digest, any other way and they will just turn their backs to us.

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Masive pressure is being brought to bare in Greece to make Golden dawn illegal and I fear it will succeed, but in a contrary way that may all be to the good. The Jews might just overplay their hand and then that is the time to tell the truth about them when the people are receptive to the idea. Until then you will continue to see articles like the one in the DM today and its attendant comments and the average person will believe what they have been told their entire lives.

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We have been down this road so many times and it all boils down to what you want. Do you want to be elected to any position of power where you can actually influence things, in which case you have no choice but to work within the framework we have and keep quiet about things that offend the electorate, however misguided they may be.
Or you can cary on being martyrs telling the "truth" and what history teaches us and get laughed at, ridiculed and in extreme cases encarcerated for your pains. All very noble, but it won't change anything.
It is an unsavoury fact that politicians will say anything to get elected, anything that is, that the electorate want to hear, if we want to see a Nationalist government in this country it has to be put there by the people so telling them the "truth" might be very noble, but it won't get us many votes.

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I was diagnosed type two and started doing some fishing because so many of my aquaintances were as well. GP's surgeries get a bonus for setting up a diabetic clinic and of course there is good old Metformin, a statin that attacks your nervous system, if you prescribe enough of them it should be good fo a colour TV or holiday abroad. My GP assured me they only cost 8p each multiply that by the six million taking them everyday. I stopped taking the Metformin, it only took eighteen months to get my left arm working properly again and I refuse to go to their clinics despite being bombarded with appointments. I watch my diet, excersize, and look after myself sensibly and continue to annoy a good many.

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The government actually promote it by opening visa outlets in foreign countries

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I agree entirely, Maggie and Heseltine shut down viable pits and threw thousands out of work to make us energy dependant then privatised the energy companies so that they all went to Europe. The next step was to join the Euro, but Maggie renaged on the deal and was thrown out of the Bilderberger's and lost her job as a result, but the damage was done. I once had the pleaseure of standing toe to toe with Tarzan and telling him exactly what I thought of him and his pit closures, it didn't alter anything but it made me feel better for a few minutes.

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I rented a property on a similar estate for eighteen years, the usual story, exhorbitant rent, substandard property, no repairs done and a bully of an agent. I might add that I fought them and lost, but I was a thorn in their sides for a while, but that isn't my point. Back in '94 when BLiar came to power, my landlord panicked and suddenly we got a neighborhood watch and a social club and the chinless wonder and his bunch of parasites suddenly wanted to be friends with all the tennants. When they realised that "New labour" weren't real socialists and they had nothing to worry about everything went back to normal and they carried on being greedy b*******ds.

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I have read other articles like this and this one is different because the usual ending is - where are the jobs for these people to do? Well the obvious answer is, there aren't any and with present government trends there aren's go to be any. People who have read my comments in the past know that I have a pet solution, which would solve many ills. We must re-open the coal mines, we as a nation have a wealth of untapped energy beneath our feet. The resultant employment, not just in the pits, but in the engineering support industries, would supply much needed jobs. The building industry, insted of building homes for hated immigrants should be building coal driven power stations. the removal of the unecessary "green taxes" would free up money for people to spend in other areas, further stimulating the economy. Having closed our borders and brought our service personel home from the meddling wars they are now engaged in, this country could return to the pleasant place that it used to be.