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Hope this finds you in good fettle.

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Sometimes,all we need is a reply. Putting personal funds into it does it for me....well done.
It was not a criticism of you personally,I'm sure you will do a fine job.
I just wondered how you get in loop and having declared myself as a reform supporter,I just find it frustrating that no-one asks me if I want to be involved. I did remember you making the same complaint about BNP not using your expertise nor being aware of your existence.
BNP is starved of talent that is taken up. I don't want us to be the same....that was the point and as you wrote an article, that's where the barbed comment sat.
Very best of luck John.....I look forward to further disclosures. (I think)

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How does John Savage become treasurer of the new party?
What other applicants were considered?
I'm just asking cos I was wondering.
Is it another mates club? How does one join such a club so that one is in the hierarchy and can affect strategic thinking or is it assumed that you are too stupid to be involved if you are not mates with the mates?
I despair sometimes but will still assist in what lowly capacity I can.(mibbe)

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I'm replying to myself.
I have on many occasions said I am available to assist and went to the reform conference do you get in the loop?
All this is going on and although I wanted to get heavily involved.......I am a member of the audience.
I am pleased that we have done this but.........again we ignore possible talent from within the ranks.
Obviously I have absolutely nothing to offer.
Pissed off? Yeah...a little.Especially when no-one replies to any e-mails I send trying to get involved and trying to build some rapport with people which seems to be a Nationalist trait.
British Freedom Party?........Communication is STILL the issue.

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Well, I think this a good step forward.
I see little chance of change from within, so let's have a go.
British Freedom Party.....good stuff. I like it.

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The clock ticks Mr Dowson....tick tock tick tock.....
You can't turn back time but....tick tock

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If each got given a brain cell,it'd be lonely.

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I've been on Davidstow airfield many a time.Small world indeed.

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Yes, Nick spoke very well but it was also refreshing to see that as chairman the next day,he actually controlled the conference,held it to time and tried to get people to ask questions and not just stand up spout forth.
I also noticed another couple of things.
The main players did not find the need to stand up and speak except when they were required to by agenda.They spent most of their time listening in silence.
When someone stands up and forgets they were supposed to ask a question and just starts putting over a point of view, it always sounds like they think there could not possibly be an alternative to what they are saying.I found that interesting.
Two ears, one mouth. We should all be operating on that minimum ratio.

Some stand up before they have decided what they want to say too. They only know,they want to say something. Just observing.
Anyway...I think Nick is a genuine fellow too. I liked him.
Eddy was good too. (he smirks a lot doesn't he? just observing)

Very good weekend indeed.
Here's hoping for progress.

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I agree. An absolute gentleman. Funny with it too.