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Gordon Brown is just an idiot.. Simple as that.. An idiot who is our unelected leader and in control of our country and lives. How depressing!!

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How dare they!! This particular area used to be a nice spot to go for a trek by the river, walk your dog or just generally chill out and watch the wildlife. Not now. It is being transformed into a slums. It is disgusting. How dare they kill our wildlife! Those who make excuses for them are total idiots! They need to get their back sides down to these shanty towns and make it clear it is unwelcome behaviour!
Better still, these murderers need arresting and deporting back to where they came from. They need to know we will not stand for it! They seem to believe they are exempt from our laws and can do whatever they want. It's time we had a voice in these matters and stood up for our homeland, before it's too late. Things will just continue to get worse and worse otherwise :(

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I do agree that ANY live animals should not be sold to children, as they may be buying them for a more sinister reason. As an animal lover, the thought makes me sick to my stomach.

What I DO NOT agree with, is the blatant set up aimed at an elderly lady. They deliberately chose a 14 year old who looked much older, as it was their intention to 'catch her out'. It was trickery! What chance did she stand?
The thing that disgusted me most, is her unforgivably harsh punishment. I can't imagine the stress that poor woman is under right now. To tag her is disgraceful! I see tagging, as something you would do to someone who is a danger, to keep track of them. Someone who is a concern to society. To degrade her in this way is disgusting and those responsible should be VERY ashamed!
As others have mentioned; what about the inhumane halal slaughter? What about the immigrants that are using cruel methods to kill our swans..etc? I'm genuinely so angry about this!
I think the real criminals are the TS, who set this lady up. While the law is law, I don't believe in tricking an innocent into breaking it, then dishing out unjustified punishments is at all fair! We all make mistakes and it seems to me she was conned badly. This country needs to get it's priorities straight and stop picking on good citizens!!

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It's wonderful to have our views represented. Thanks Nick. Hopefully one day, these speeches will be shown on National television. People's views of the BNP need to change

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There should be NO exception! This is a horrible and barbaric act of severe cruelty, in a country that opposes it. It is not compatible with our laws and morals. I am a great lover of animals and it saddens me to think they are being subjected to this. Absolutely disgusting! It is not welcome in a nation of animals lovers!

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.. As a tax payer, I don't remember agreeing to fund this school with my hard earned cash. A school which discriminates against non-muslims. What if we wanted a school which only accepted, for example, indigenous Brits, who spoke fluent English as their first language?? That would be racist. More special treatment for muslims. It is not right!

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Really?? That is absolutely terrible! They are destroying us!

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This story absolutely disgusted me when I first heard it. I have many friends in Peterborough. The area has become bad enough, with no go areas for whites .etc. Now this?! It is outrageous that the police are powerless to help, unless there is a breach of the peace; which we all know would somehow end with the home owner being the one to get arrested.. There is no justice! These people have been let down terribly, as have all of us. How can they let their children out to play, when the threat of drunk/drugged up foreigners, human body waste, general rubbish and needles, lurks round every corner? How long before this over-populated, badly run country turns into a slums? We desperately need a Nationalist government to sort this mess out!

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It makes me sick to think they are brainwashing our young people like this! Young = impressionable and easily influenced. It's a disgrace!

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Another young life cut short. What a waste. RIP