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The British Elections are AN INTERNATIONAL FARCE.

The British elections have been described by a Judge to be worse than a banana republic, due to the continual colossal cases of postal vote fraud at every election since Labours rule. The electoral commission has asked to scrap the postal votes because of the deliberate acts of fraud perpetuated by immigrants and labour party members who do it as a pure formality to keep in power a corrupt labour government.

Over one million immigrants from outside the EU will be entitled to vote in May's local and national elections.
The migrants from Commonwealth countries, dependent territories and the Republic of Ireland - none of whom are citizens here - have gained voting rights from a law passed in the Representation of the People Act 1918 - they were classed as "British subjects". Pakistan citizens have swamped the right to vote in our country even though many can’t speak English and do not regard UK as their home.

Around the same number of migrants from EU countries (1,000,000+) will also be able to vote in the Elections.
Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration watch UK, said: "Massive immigration has rendered this a very significant and sensitive issue. Most people would regard the present position as inequitable."

I have never agreed with the lazy illiterate elitism that dismisses immigration as an issue, or portrays anyone who has concerns about immigration as a racist or a bigot. The fact is our democracy is being raped by immigrants.

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I always regard these stunts as a guide to how big the BNP is growing.

"If we were irrelevant we wouldn't be making news in the mirror or any other media. To me it's a ringing endorsement that the BNP are a major factor in British politics and that the BNP is well tuned in to the thoughts of millions of British citizens and what the BNP have accomplished in a few short years terrifies the leftwing propaganda machines.

The problem the mirror faces is that they didn’t see the growing tide of voters voting BNP. They figured out they needed a plan to deal with it, and they came up with not just one plan but several. That was to peddle hate, Lies and Jackanory stories.

No one has forgotten the mirrors hate towards everything British and nothing like the "calculated, malicious staged story” of photos of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi can prove this point. Not only was this a callous act of betrayal of British soldiers but those pictures put lives in danger and acted as a "recruiting poster" for al-Qaeda.

This is the true character of the mirror

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If Labour had listened to their voters on the issues that were upsetting them - Iraq, ID cards, bank bailouts, cleaning up politics and immigration...then maybe they wouldn't be doing so badly in the polls right now.

Thank God For Gordon brown....

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Unilever has a poor record with the public. It sent knives to 200,000 Dutch families in a direct mail campaign which resulted in many children suffering horrible injuries in 2007.
The sick and twisted minds of those in Unilever thought it was a good promo and this latest stunt is nothing more than a promotion gimmick to sell their products.

Unilever has a record of shame when it comes to selling their brands at all costs, this includes Deforestation, Involvement in race issues, dumping of mercury at Kodaikanal and Sexism. Their CV can be read here.

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So let me get this clear, the sign of a good Muslim is one who throws steel capped safety shoes at police officers?
I guess so when you consider the deafening silence from high profile political Muslims, Muslim religious leaders, The Muslim police federation and the odious Muslim council of Britain who are all showing their true colours by backing all types of violence, that is carried in the name of the warlord Mohammed, the murderer.

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If these degenerate, perverted and immoral three main political parties, “Continue to validate the fermentation of civil unrest”, it is then the duty as citizens to end this corrupt, sleazy and criminal political system and charge those that ignored the warnings with "Treason", the crime that covers the serious acts of betrayal of one's sovereign or nation.

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Anonymity on the Internet is not new but it is something that labour obviously knows little about, judging by the new” Digital economy bill”.

One of the most popular methods for protecting an identity would be the use of anonymous proxy servers. Virtually any network application, such as the web or email can communicate through an anonymous proxy server. Anonymous proxy servers are primarily for web surfing, aimed at people looking to obscure their identity in illegal downloads, sending emails or visiting websites.

Taking this approach further, many people employ proxy chains, using multiple proxies that further obscure their identity. Instead of a single proxy, they might use six, each one making it increasingly more complex to trace back. This approach is as old as the Internet itself, but it's still quite effective.

The next generation of privacy and anonymous services lies in a concept known as “onion routing” Combining aspects of proxies, peer-to-peer networking and encryption, onion routing looks to create a method for virtually any application to communicate securely and anonymously via the internet.
Conceived in 1996 and now in its second generation of design, the most popular implementation of the onion routing concept is Tor. Initially funded by the US Navy, it works as follows. An initiator obtains a list of nodes via a centralized server. A path to the destination is randomly generated, and each server in the path only knows where the request came from and where it is going. Individual encryption keys are negotiated at each point.
The beauty of the Tor design is that the content, source and destination of a message are protected at all points in the link. No single machine can see beyond where it received a message from and where it is forwarding it to, it can only peel away one layer - hence the term 'onion' routing. Someone analyzing the traffic could only acknowledge that communication is taking place, but what or between whom remains completely protected. It's extremely difficult to track someone using Tor.

The other way to stay anonymous is also one of the easiest – simply by using unsecured wireless hotspots. They're everywhere in the UK. They're useful and convenient in coffee shops and restaurants for people doing legitimate work. A quick drive through virtually any metropolitan area will reveal hundreds of open networks, some by design, others by negligence.

Labours retarded bill, the” Digital economy bill” was dead before it was even hatched..

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Not to forget, while under labours multicultural policies we have thousands of Islamic terrorist’s suspects living within the Muslim community, in British cities. A threat that America calls, “The biggest threat to the US” and which labour calls enrichment of culture.

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It’s the day real science was replaced with the notion that the consensus of non-scientists and scientists, who gather together in quasi-political organizations, was all that was needed to shut down debate in order to commit fraud. It is, in effect, the day science died.

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Words of superstition, lies and fanaticism all spilling out of the media, how unusual, their must be an election!