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Even if this outcome of Griffin winning by 9 votes were believable (clearly it isn't)... getting behind Griffin will not only be a waste of time,effort and money... but will also prolong the inevitable collapse and allow Nationalism in Britain laughed at and further trodden into the dirt. No, we have to stand back and let the party, and Griffin implode... then when we're certain it and Griffin are dead and buried... start again without Griffin and his MI5 cronies.

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The BNP could well be finished... Nick Griffin had the wool pulled right over my eyes... until the Andrew Brons incident, which may have been reversed propaganda by Griffin... I also didn't realise Arthur Kemp had stepped down completely... the best speaker the BNP had! until Griffin goes I'm out of it!
Now waiting for Griffin's replacement... or a new Party to form with some familiar and useful leadership at the helm.

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I agree :-)

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As you helped me with my grammar recently, I thought I ought to return the favour... I think an exclamation mark goes at the end of a sentence, then a new sentence starting with a capital letter... but we get the general idea... The Burka is great for some things... apart from letting us know who 'they' are... the Burka is also handy on October 31st!
Just doing my little bit:-)

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To do that we'll need more power and influence... and to get that we need to control and influence the media... I think it's called a vicious circle... but like anything... it can be broken, we just need to work out how.__P.S... If the media were only biased and miss informed it wouldn't be so bad... it's the anti BNP propaganda via cash in brown envelopes I can't stand!

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Silly me for not checking... but at least I score full marks for my understanding of Nationalist ideology!

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I wondered where all the money I've paid into this 'governments' as well as the previous Tory toe rag 'governments' pension schemes had been going...when you consider I won't even be able to buy me a loaf of bread a week when I'm old enough to draw on a government pension... and now I know... the same place all the wage increases I've never seen went... into a Rosnians bank account!

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Trevor dim wit has tried just about every scheme going to cripple the BNP... and if the boot was on the other foot he would have given in long ago and gone back to sitting under a palm tree on a nice warm beach somewhere! What this socialist twit will never understand is that the more he pushes the stronger we get!
To give this socialist twit an idea of what makes us tick I've borrowed a quote from Ronald Reagan when talking about the Marines:
“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. BNP members and supporters don't have that problem!”

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It doesn't end there... as well as wars we don't need and the asylum racket, Liebour, Limp Dem, yoUKIP and Conservatislam also put the following before looking after their own citizens and the future prosperity of our country in general:
Bailing out corrupt banksters
Third world aid
Anti British propaganda
Huge perks for themselves
To name just a few... please add to the list:

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Britain's answer to grey areas in the Euro zone: Grecian 2010... Turns your economy black with pound notes!