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Perhaps if people stopped acting like schoolchildren, stopped stabbing each other in the back and put their country first before themselves, maybe, just maybe our country can be stopped from sliding into ruin. I find it disgraceful that people are chasing their own personal agendas especially given the precarious state of the country from the recent riots to the economy and beyond.

I think a lot of people need to grow up fast in the world of Nationalism, be they BNP, Britain First, NF or any other nationalist group/party.

This "my dad's bigger than your dad" mentality has really got to stop.

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Although this is not a war situation, does denying Mr Scarth his prescribed medication not contravene the Geneva Convention? Methinks Amnesty International should also be worried about this from a so-called "civilised" country.

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It is my belief that NO moslem should EVER be allowed positions of authority, particularly within the police farce. End of!!! Personally, I would like to see every last one of them rounded up and booted out of this country. Maybe one day it will happen - if and when the people of this once proud but now sadly hellhole of a country wake up and take back what is ours.

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Signed the petition. I find it outrageous that an 85 year old man can get jailed for what is no crime at all and even worse, be treated in this horrendous way while murderers, paedophiles et al get let off with not even a slap on the wrist. However, this is yet another damning indictment of this awful country.

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Ah but, if you buy a new PC they pass your information onto TV Licencing. Even if you don't have a TV set in your house they can still try and do you under the guise that you MIGHT watch a live programme on the PC. Of course, these TV licencing snoopers are trespassing as they really have no legal right to be on your property. They try and force you into buying a licence by using idle threats but NEVER EVER give them your name. Just close the door on them and for goodness sake, NEVER let them inside your house. Also, little known this one, before they can actually do anything about you not having a licence they must catch you watching a LIVE programme, not a pre-recorded one (and they have to have you confirm your name, hence never tell them anything). Well, if they send the detector van round mine they'll have a very long wait as my TV spends most of its time in the corner just gathering dust doing nothing:)

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I haven't paid a TV licence in years. I don't watch TV anyway, just very occasionally. In fact, my TV has been on once in the past 2 months and that was to have a quick look at the riots in London. It was switched off after a few minutes. I have much better things to do with my time than watch the filth and drivel that spews out of that thing. When it finally breaks down it will not be replaced. It's an old set anyway, not an LCD type, but a big boxy thing. In fact, it's an eyesore. A few weeks ago I had a knock at the door. Now, I usually know who is going to call so I'm always wary when someone knocks at the door I'm not expecting so I put the chain on before answering it. Bloke standing there. I open the door no more than 1/2 inch. He asks me if I'm Mrs X. I don't give him his answer, instead asking "Who are you?" He says X from TV licencing. I shut the door and go back to reading the paper online and enjoying my coffee. He starts shouting useless threats through the letterbox (hmm, threats = harrassment). I ignore him. Unbeknown to him, I'm watching his every move on my CCTV. He walks up the path, takes his clipboard, looks up at the roof, sees the very ancient TV aeriel (put there God knows when ago by some previous tenant), writes down house has got an aeriel...but what he didn't have the commonsense to see was that, if he'd bothered to look properly, the wire from the TV aeriel is cut off on the chimney stack. Dumb or dumber. He went away with the same flea in his ear as his predecessor and the one before that, and the one before that. In the next few weeks, no doubt I'll get the usual begging letters, threatening letters then in about 6 months time another visitation. They can all play with the traffic for all I care. I will not, under any circumstances prop up a traitorous, anti-British, anti-white, tax gobbling quango and the sooner they realise that the better. Time the people of this country learnt their legal rights as well. If the BBC want's to raise money, it can do the same as all the other channels - go commercial.

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Explain "Huh?" please or perhaps you should read the whole article again, then my comment and you'll understand why I'm miffed :)

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When I first joined the BNP I also looked at the NF but decided that the BNP, at that time, were the better known of the two and seemed to be going places politically so I joined the BNP. Perhaps I AM more hard-liner. I firmly believe that the vast majority of immigrants, particularly illegals and economic migrants who come here for the many free handouts should be rounded up and kicked out of the country and yes, if that ever happened, I would be among the first to volunteer to help round them up. I object to these people coming here and getting £250 a week just for setting foot in this country. I object to the fact that I have worked most of my life, paid taxes most of my life except for 5 years when I couldn't work because of serious illness in my family yet didn't claim a penny in benefits. Now I'm in my mid 50s, widowed with little chance of finding a job in the immediate future but I'm expected to live on my late husband's small pension of just over £250 A MONTH plus the small widow's pension.

Whether joining the NF is a good or bad move I have yet to find out but I feel I have to do something and, like you say, getting off the fence is more productive than sitting on it waiting to see what happens next.

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Excuse me. I am Scottish. My late husband was English and very proud of that. I was also proud that he was English and proud that I was married to him. When he died, I was asked by several people if I would now return to Scotland. My answer was no. ENGLAND is my home and I love this country and the English. I have lived here many years now. Traitors are traitors no matter where they come from. Like many others I feel let down by the BNP and the likes of Butler who serve no-one but themselves. To this end, I have not renewed, and will not renew my membership. Despite my asking them under the circumstances (it is only 10 weeks since my husband died) not to send any correspondence, I am still getting it. Letters asking me to renew my membership. Letters begging for money. They now go in the shredder. I have looked at an alternative Nationalist party, one that has been in existence for a very long time and I am going to join it. I want to be part of a Nationalist party that puts it's country first, not what they, as individuals can get out of it at the end of the day.

Do I sound angry? Yes, I am. While all the infighting and dirty dealing has been going on in the BNP, the back-stabbing etc., our country is going down the pan.

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Sorry dear. Your use of foul language shows your ignorance and obvious lack of education.