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primum nil nocere - "First, do no harm." is one of the principal precepts of medical ethics that all medical students are taught in medical school.
Having staff who have poor command of English language and who even struggle with simple medical phrases like "nil by mouth", "doing the rounds" and "bleeping a doctor", are definitely at risk of harming patients.
When the citizens of Great Britain are at their most vulnerable they are put at risk, what a National disgrace, there is no room for communication error or misinterpretation in healthcare,
BNP policy would save lives and in the present financial climate not cost a penny extra, and would in fact save money as relatives are going to sue if care compromised by poor command of English by staff.

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'The meeting agreed unanimously to leave the matter in the hands of the police.'
Absolutely the Police are the people to deal with this, there is a Country to save, our attention must be this task, fight hard, fight fair and everyone who supports the BNP please oh please do not carry out any actions that can reflect negatively upon the BNPs cause, enough lies, and falsehoods will be created by our enemies without us giving them a freebie, let the other parties shoot themselves in the foot, by their statements and actions.
BNP next month is going to be a milestone in political history it will be the month leading up to the BNP hitting the National political stage with impetus, direction and support, the impact upon this Country will be a moment to saviour.

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Mr Singh congratulations on becoming the first Sikh member of the BNP.
Thank you likewise for showing that you can and should be proud of your culture, religion and faith whilst integrating, respecting and coexisting in Great Britain.
Mr Singh you are a role model to those who come to live in Great Britain from foreign shores, respecting Great Britain, its citizens culture and history and as a consequence receiving respect in return.
How are the media going to put a negative spin on this fine gentleman joining The British National Party?

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13 pence for Tippex, heres hoping that such actions ERASES this troughmeister from his parliamentary seat.

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britishnproud i think not mate as Sue is head of security, like doorstaff at a exclusive nightclub "if your names not down you are not getting in".
I'm hoping Sue means a body scanner for security purposes rather than for diagnosing the after effects of a high impact breeze block incident.
I will ensure your names on the invite list, i don't want Sue distracted introducing you to the contents of her handbag when a real threat of enrichment could sneak past, likewise britishnproud if you get into Cornwall without Sue catching you she will sure as hell catch you on leaving and i for one dont want any patriots harmed in the run up to the General Election

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How can ANY job be off limits to a BNP member or supporter?
I can only talk from my own experience but despite holding openly strong negative views about immigrants paedophiles, drug abusers, domestic violence, drunken louts etc, my profession requires me to deal with these odious individuals.
Not a day goes by when i do not face at least one of the above in my job, however being a professional i do my job, not necessarily with empathy or sympathy but do it none the less in a professional manner.

That is so across all professions, being member or supporter of any political party is a democratic right, to stop a profession being open to a citizen because of a political belief is basically saying that professional who has most likely been selected, trained and paid for by the state is not trustworthy enough to work professionally, are they suggesting that a convicted child abuser for example only faces police officers, probation officers, prison officers etc who do not harbour a viewpoint that castration is minimum punishment that should be inflicted upon them NO....but those professionals do their job in professional manner Likewise BNP members/supporters do the same, just that in most jobs the BNP view is held but by necessity kept under wraps, it is still held the same as any other BNP patriot who is in job where being open about being BNP member is possible.

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britishnproud you are always welcome, thats if you can get past Sue.
Can assure you we in Cornwall will fight to the best of our abilities to keep enrichment from our County.
I shall be viewing the Devon and Cornwall Police annual report with added interest to see if breeze block incidents are on the increase.

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Absolutely never lose sense of humour as the joke goes "They can't stop us laughing but Maggie Thatcher got mightily close with the poll tax".
We definitely need to keep a sense of humour given the sorry state of parliamentary politics in Great Britain today.
I vote for Sue to become the justice Minister in a BNP Government, i think she would cut the backlog in court cases and the reoffending rate...a breeze block around the head tends to cut out the need for a judge to give a slap on offenders wrist, and the wish to reoffend is minimized for some reason.
Keep smiling keep fighting for Great Britain.

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Wow i advise enrichers to not venture down here, Sue is taking up arms in defence of Devon.
Better go tidy up the sentry box 'The Lady' is reporting for duty.

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Sue sorry to hear that Devons enrichment is underway, we know its going to hit us all unless the BNP get into power.
We sure have a fight on our hands, they are enriching our region and radicalising those within our communities.
Shall now dig out my old kit bag and take to my sentry box at our end of the Tamar Bridge.