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And then stalked by PETA.

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Perhaps Mr Armistead returned home suffering from Jerusalem Syndrome, or perhaps he's just a nasty horrible man. Mr. Addaway is not horrible at all.

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We live next to the USA. Punishment enough.

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Sigh, it is not all that unlikely. When my daughter was in primary school there was more than one chickenpox party. One of my friends actually considered it !!!? ( the chickenpox vaccine was fairly new, I managed to talk her out of it)
I believe my rage at a whooping cough outbreak the next year saved me from hearing about other wackadoodle notions ( yeah I was loud, may have frothed at the mouth)

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Well, Darwin suffered from an acute case of the smarts. This caused him think all the time. Creationists have been vaccinated against the smarts (homeopathic vaccine) and are safe from thinking

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I suspect Karl might have been a tad distressed by 70's Moscow. Also too by the sheer number of eggs broken for the Soviet omlette.

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Yeah, and you know what? The vast majority of child kidnappings - family member, usually a parent. Kidnappings by strangers - really rare, terrible but rare. I bet these bozos think the kid is too old for a booster seat in the car too. Probably don't even do up this seatbelt.

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So two items of potentially fatal advice in one.Excellent.

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So how do pollsters poll these days anyway? 'Cause most people have call display and don't answers the phone if it is not a familiar number.

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Ya know, there is nothing pedophile likes less than a child with a good understanding and vocab. Words such as "vulva" "genitals" "testes" and "uterus" tend to signal a kid much more likely to both tell an adult and be believed.
Maybe the pearl clutching about Sex Ed should met with the suspicion of more than mere prudery,
Just sayin'