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That house is as soulless as he is. Geesh, why do people decorate their houses to look like cheap hotels?

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Thank you! Missouri-Synod Lutherans are terrifying!

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He isn't ELCA Lutheran, he is Missouri-Synod. There is a HUGE difference between those two churches. ELCA allows gay ministers, encourages interfaith cooperation (I grew up in the church and during confirmation they took us to a variety of churches and temples and told us that we are all praying to the same god), and is cool with contraceptives. Missouri-Synod on the other hand is... like Catholics without the booze. They hate the gays.

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I LOVE that she thinks that if you're just saying what you think, it can't be racist. Beautiful logic.

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Why would you raise relief money while people still need relief? You should do it after the clean-up is done, because that is when they need money the most, I think?

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Mitt has two emotions: Bemused Robot Smirk and Manic Angry Robot.

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As long as fathers don't encourage their daughters or mothers encourage their sons, I'm happy.

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I love that in this situation, Obama is an adult man, but apparently 26-year-old Lena Dunham is a child? How sexist of Obama to make these men talk about an adult woman as though she's a child that can't make decisions on her own! He should be ashamed of himself!