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While I was weary of Newt ( I do and still want Palin), if he actually appoints Bolten, Then he got my support a 100%. Bolten is the MAN!!!!!!

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It is simple chidren, get the pop culture to make it hip to oppose the system, thereby inoculating the system itself that as been co-opted by the infectious disease. LMAO, simply propaganda 101, developed by Creel (look it up, Public Info guy under the Fuherer (ooops) President Wilson, and continued by Goebbels und Moltov). It is like3 card Monte, you cant hook the people who know, but there are plenty of suckers to9 continue the Game

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Too Borrow a phrase from Mr. Burns ..... Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;0)

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Mr. Rowe, always a class act, and now his stock just went up a million fold. :0)

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Orlando Jones, Hmmm, that is the black comedian, who flopped, but whose career is on Life support because of the affirmative action situation in Holywood (I.E. we need to show Hispanics, Blacks, and Muslims as being an equal part of the new Socialist America and superior to the "Old" Americans (I.E. White peoples)). Well it aint happening. I am an Old (not in age) American, that believes that respect and hard work deserves respect. Mr. Jones has not shown enough ability for me to respect his opinion.

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Oh crap..ya mean that the 99%er sheep are at last finding out they are sheep. (i.E. a dupe)...Boo h000.......

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As a historian, I seen this coming from a mile away. Standard tactics, use dupes, create chaos, distort reality, control propaganda, and seize power. Standard tactics of the Progressive/Socialist (of which the facist and nazis are a part of) since the time immemorial (and I include the Cromwellians, French Revolutionaries, and Athenians). But, in my humble opinion, the most subtle and devious part is the indoctrination of our children into Progressive/Socialism via our vaunted teachers. If anyone read "Animal Farm" by George Orwell, they will remember the puppies (analogous to our children) that were taken by pigs (analogous to our Progressive/Socialist educators) who turned out to be the Pitbull guard dogs of the Pigs despotic regime. HMMMM>>>>>>Seems apropos. ;0)

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Great Actor, and a genuine Gentleman. Took life's lemons and turned them into Lemonade. Nuff Said.

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one thing to add our last Edison, RIP.... Thanks Mr. Jobs for showing us Capitalism really works. TAKE THAT YOU WALL ST PROTESTER!!!!!

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Lost all respect for Bennett. Sad, but true. I to wish Frank. Charleston, and the Duke were around to deliver this traitor an asswhooping.