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But consensus doesn't mean anything:

The entire point of science is to question. The fact (which it is demonstrated in your post) is that those who disagree are called names (tin foil hat, right wingers). Note the specific lack of disputing the arguments, just name calling.

You are correct that the scientific community has not been co-opted by Big Oil but it has been co-opted by Big Science (you do know what a grant is, right. Please tell me you are not under the delusion that only merit gets you grants......)

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There is an excellent essay on the 70's "there's an ice-age coming" scare by Zombie:

Shocking the similarities between "were are all going to die in an ice-age"/""we are all going to die of warming". Same "evidence", same proposed solution (we elites are going to continue living the same way they always have but the little people must give it all up and go back to living in mud huts).

It is easy to see how "a dragon destroyed the crops we must sacrifice the virgin" excuse carried weight in the past.....

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I was at my hair stylist a few weeks ago and she was lamenting that will all the out of work people in this country how could Kim K and her new husband have such an over the top wedding (all said and done something in the neighborhood of 15 million). I countered with, but look at all the people who had work BECAUSE of her wedding. There are florists, dress makers, bakers, caterers, parking guys and assorted other people involved in the wedding itself. Then, there are all the hotels and restaurants in the area that had to accommodate the guests that were invited! I am reminding a hair stylist, you know, one of the service people who would be getting paid for something like this!
I saw my nail lady a few days later and asked her opinion on Kim Ks wedding. She said it was great, all those people getting work. I loved her quote, "It is the job of rich people to spend money. THAT is how wealth is redistributed."

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The problem comes with the suspension of disbelief. If I do not know much about the actor's opinion and if they are a good actor, I can believe any character he or she plays. If however, I know a lot about their beliefs, then it changes the way I see the character. Those beliefs they have made sure I knew about get transferred to the character which changes the character.
One of my favorite interviews on Bill O'Rielly (?) was with Dolly Parton. He tried very very hard to get her to tell us her political stance. All she said was that she had strong opinions but they were her's and she only shared them with friends and family. She went on to say that she would never insult her fans by sharing those beliefs. They had their own and she did not see why they needed hers. Never been a fan of her music, but I am a fan of her.

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Yeah, I remember that scene.....wouldn't really have the same impact in a mall....

"even encounters Jesus Christ" doesn't really seem to describe what happened it does it.. It's kind of like saying Beethoven wrote some pretty music or Michelangelo drew some pretty pictures......

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What do you mean, they would if they could, why couldn't they? Christians are killed in Muslim countries why couldn't Jews kill Christians in Israel if they wanted?

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"most hard core Jews feel utter contempt to Christianity. in perticular annoying missionaries. "

They may have contempt, but at least they don't cut our heads off........

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Yup. He and Jesus shared a passover meal at the food court /sarc off

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I assume you have read Zombie? If not:

These idiots show up at most of the protests. Much more active when Bush was in office. <sarc> Now that the anointed one is there, all are problems have gone away </sarc>

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Duh! I did post in the wrong spot (man I am making so many mistakes today!)

I live in the SF bay area. Whenever I have this discussion with the liberals in the area, they always want to use widows as an example of a single parent. However, that is a bad example. Strangely enough it is not the children of widows that have the problems, it is the children of women who have children out of wedlock and do not marry the father of the child. As Ann Coulter says, the best way to avoid poverty for you and your children is to get married and then have kids. The father dying, statistically speaking, is not as harmful as getting divorced and the father never seeing the children again. Because of where I live (constantly being told I am cold-hearted and stupid), I get a little knee-jerk when someone uses a widow (or in the case of Luna, a widower) as an example of a single parent. She really is not, she is a widow.