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Okey dokey- are they going to return France to the Visigoths too?

How bout we give the Indians the UN building in Manhattan and kill two birds with one stone?

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What a joke, Obama is black America's worst enemy...

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It's been Grand, hasn't it

Linked right here:

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Newt is pledging two bucks a gallon...

Gingrich: Talkin' TWO DOLLAR Gasoline

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It's in Gingrich's best interest -and does most for his place in history- if he to follow though with the Reagan Kemp Laffer agenda he promises... economically and otherwise

He KNOWS it works, he was there... IMO Gingrich's current platform would serve his legend well, all those who consider him an egomaniac should look at it from that angle. How would veering to the Left after election possibly help him when everybody is looking for a REMEDY to the Progressive Left

I believe he wants to be Reagan the Sequel with a few fresh twists of his own- for no other reason than it's been proven to work ( 16M jobs)... Newt Gingrich is a dedicated patriot that would LOVE to lend this country a helping hand...and his ego requires success

With a few deviations, I'd expect him to do pretty much what he says he will