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12 years ago @ Big Hollywood - Ugh! This is the sort of immature imbeciles I'm surrounded by in LA - immature, mean and ignorant. So this guy actually manages to make a living with that intellect, huh?

PS This dweeb reminds me of the weak male stooges who needed the mean girls approval in my Jr. high school, so taunted me along with his catty friends. What a hideous excuse for a human. Grow up.

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Good point, Dana! Contessa, as any good journalist would, should have done her homework.

As a curious person and writer for magazines, I actually loved and enjoyed the interview process. I NEVER would have done an interview without doing my research. And, if for some reason I could not do my research, I would NEVER have made such a stupid assumption, as Ms. Brewer did.

But then, Contessa doesn't seem too wise. No amount of degrees can give a person wisdom.

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If you are truly a Saudi woman, then why don't you give specific information about what you feel is incorrectly stated?

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That's why I'm waiting to go next week.

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Palin has balls. Obama's a eunuch. He needs to watch this woman to learn how to become more of a man.

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I never gave a hot damn about Palin... but the years of press hysteria about her, media obsession, their want to twist her life into hateful lies, have me respecting Palin. Anyone who can put up with Mass Media's immature crap, the way she does, must be strong, must have principles, must have have something important she wants to convey. I just have to get through the fog of propaganda to find out what it is.

So I will be going to see this in Orange, California.

Screw you, press a-holes!

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Yick! Bourdain also went to Saudi Arabia and thinks he's being "tolerant" for his hip openness to how women are treated like abused pets. And that other little dweeb, Rick Steves, giggled like Elmo getting tickled while being a useful idiot in Iran... Oh look how tolerant Steves is of Iran's cultural differences. Yeah, stoning women to death, hanging gay men and all around oppression is just their culturally exotic way of doin' things. Who is Steves to question?

If Bourdain and Steves aren't ignorant about what really goes on in these countries, then their promotion of these totalitarian regimes is blatant propaganda. Disgusting.

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Argh! If there is one thing (and there are about 2,356 things) that liberals repeat that drives me, an ex-liberal, crazy - it's this: The right is cult-like.

I should know! I was once a brainwashed, lock-step liberal zombie.

I grew up in very liberal (hippie community) surroundings of 60s/70s San Francisco, and was bathed in liberalism from morning til night. It wasn't until I grew up, had many hard-earned experiences, life-altering, eye-opening epiphanies and debates with liberals (repetitious parroting of liberal jargon, without deep thought) that led me to my own conclusions... which, until then I didn't realize, were conservative leaning views.

I grew up spewing liberal swill. But no one in my life (teachers, parents, friends, neighbors, classmates...) contradicted my ignorant (I had no experience, was just parroting) rants. As a matter of fact, my liberal rants got me As in my poetry classes and nodding smiles at LA parties.

Only when I began thinking "differently" than my group, did I realize that everyone around me speaks the same liberal language. It's gotten to where I know the exact lines they will say. I speak about my experiences as a business owner, hippie kid who saw the world, parent... they rarely respond with personal experiences, only Dem talking points or quotes from socialist professors decades earlier. Yet they think I'm brainwashed.

I opened my eyes after realizing liberals focus on dependency, politically correct speech codes, taunting individuals (including me) who don't agree with their groupthink. They put us in boxes by color and race; try to divide us further with our income levels. So I began reading different view points, and realized conservationism respects individuals - which is just what I have been looking for.

Now I know from being on both sides, that the philosophy of conservatism is the antithesis of a cult, which the Democratic party has become; they're the ones who must prey on the work of others, who must dupe people into believing that our color, gender and income level are what is important, not each of our intrinsic unique characters and principles.

Liberalism preys on dependence, collectivism and groupthink = a cult.

Did Richard Cohen not watch the Obama hysteric mobs of the '08 campaign, how the crazed masses resembled a Jim Jones Kool-Aid party? That he thinks conservatism is a cult is nothing more than continued Orwellian Democratic propaganda.

I should know, I was brainwashed by their propaganda for decades.