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Thanks Stephen. Will do.

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Me neither and I don't think it will come to that. I think our Constitutional system still works and We The People have all the power....we just forgot.

You can serve if ya ain't elected. That's power. We just need to take it seriously, and VET people, seriously VET them. Then elect them. Look at Paul and Cruz. They're doin what they can now we have to do what we can.

Hint.......NEITHER PARTY IS WORTH A HOOT. They are both broken and don't wanna be fixed. Just listen to Rove and MCcain and Feinstein! They ALL think prism's ok.

making THEM part of our problem......n'cest pas?

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me too. I still don't like the bigs......just not the same.

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No I didn't Ralph. Got a link?

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Yup.....it's good we have this in place. Someone might try to bomb the Boston Marathon.

Lucky for us we can catch them befo.....huh?

They did? When? Why wasn't I told about this!

Where was the NSA? CIA? FBI? HS? DOJ?

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shoot the messenger. That's original.

I remind folks Bradly Manning was a low level grunt. Not even a high school diploma. He didn't have to be brilliant. He only had to be given access and time. He didn't sift through the intel, he did a data dump! For every pearl of intelligence he passed to Assange, he sent him billions of clumps of useless sod.

Someone ELSE had to go through it all and find the beef. And they're still sifting through it.

And don't you just LOVE the irony....congress in an uproar cause THEIR phones got tapped too! wow....talk about a Marie Antoinett moment. Feinstein's furious at the THOUGHT gov't would spy on HER ROYAL SELF. LOL...sauce for the gander, sweetie.

Welcome to OUR world.

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uh.....why can't we read the articles because of that stupid pop up that scrolls over the text? I can't find a way to X it off so I never get to read the article....just the comments.