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We in Missouri love Dana, she will be a great addition to any network. And one conservative is better than no conservatives. She can certainly hold her own!! Go get em Dana!

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I want none of my taxes to join in anything George Soros is supporting. The light is being shown on this evil man. He is out to destroy America.

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I do not understand the union"s support of Obama. Oh for the short haul, it has been great. But Obama has make his re-distribution pledge, not just to America, but to the whole world. Look at his Cap and Trade, it will transfer much of America's wealth to other nations. He is deliberately redistribution American's wealth at the moment. We are not allowed to drill in the Gulf, costing thousands of high paying jobs. But we give Mexico billions to drill in the same waters, and Brazil billions to drill even deeper than in the the well that leaked. So our wealth is being distributed to workers all over the world. How will iour unions feel when our wages even out with the rest of the world? I am not looking forward to working for a couple of bucks a day!

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I am so sick of the Left's constant personal attacks. Their attacks are pure evil, and Alan Greyson"s ad against Dan Webster is the latest in a long string of demonic ads. They follow Alinsky's tactics to the letter, and we know who Alinsky dedicated his rules to.

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It is sad when people who devote their lives to making America better have to live with this. Palin has been such a target since she hit the public arena. Let's all offer up prayers for her and her family's safety.

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Leapin Lizards! Breitbart is one brave man. My money is on Breitbart!

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I don't think the Tea Party is misunderstood at all, I think it is feared!

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No hate here!!

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Christine O'Donnell has almost reached a million dollars since her election. Please help!!

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Glen Beck is right, if we don't restore honor to this nation, we are lost. All those following Alinsky are making a cess-pool of our great nation!