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But these a$$holes in congress are still getting paid!

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Phony Scandals from the mouth of a Phony President.

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Look up the Bonus Army of 1932 on how they marched and camped out in D.C, and were shot at and their camps burned down. With modern weapons today if we did that, they would be able to take down more than they did then, sad to say.

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I don't trust any of them any more. Especially Beck, who turned his back on the Tea Party when we could have been massive back in 2009. I think they all think just because they have money they will be safe against obamacare-spying-dones, etc. Well what happens when they all get locked up or end up like Breitbart? Who is going to save them then?

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Where art thou? Our next Conservative Leader.

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One last hurrah for America in 2016.

Let's put a Real Conservative on the ticket against whomever they choose and see if we are still the "Majority" in this Country. It might be our last chance to save our Republic..
Let the battle begin. Screw Karl Rove and Bill O'Reilly and the rest of the moderates and Rino's that are out there.
I would love for Sarah Palin to run, if not, lets find the next best thing and all of us stand behind him/her.
Even if they pass the immigration bill at this time, we can still win. I believe we are still a center right country and more independents have also woken up to what is happening to our freedoms.

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I never used to believe in the NWO, but now all signs are pointing that way.
Its the only reason why both parties are the same.
They both want that bigger authority of Global Governance.
Nothing is going to stop them at this point, "We the People" were asleep for too long............

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I wonder who owns the homes the checks went to?

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It didn't work with obamacare and it's not going to work now.
They do what they want.
We called, wrote, and marched to stop obamacare and no one cared in D.C.
Why would they care now?
"We the people" don't matter to them anymore.

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I still have my razor. Going on 7 years now. Don't need a cell phone with internet on it. I never take pics either.
I have a real camera for that. I saw a commercial this morning that said people take the most pictures with an " I-Phone".