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That's probably the next step. Riots and UN deaths over American "fashion". If we continue along this logic I might as well go pick out a purple burqa. Unless that color is also "immoral". *rolls eyes*

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Oh yes. Burning a stupid book puts soldiers in harms way. If that's true can someone point me to the book that can burned so that terrorists are in danger? More proof we're really in the middle ages, not in modern times. The koran must be some sort of magical book! Where's Merlin to explain all this??? ;-)

I never really liked Hannity much before but I'm certainly not a fan after this.

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All this does for me is tell me Afghanistan isn't worth one dollar let alone the American lives spent to liberate it.

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I'm going to have to agree here. The movie itself was rather pathetic. Not the least of which was the moronic shaky cam. That rendered about every action scene nearly nonsensical to me. Also there was almost every military cliche that appears in film thrown in. The tough (insert minority here) chick, the engaged soldier, the virgin soldier, the CO that has a rocky past, the officer fresh out of the academy, etc. etc.... Come on people! This has been done to death! ;-)

I also take issue to it portraying soldiers in a consistently good light. (The tailgate beer party for instance.) The speech by the main character in the middle was good but not enough to save the film.

Then there was the adversary: the aliens. Ridiculous transformer like flying things and the usual goo-like alien inside a tin can. Can they not think creatively anymore or are writers so drugged out they can only repeat something that's been done already ad nauseum? They could have thrown us all a surprise by finding a human inside the tin-can at least! Oh well.....

And finally: plot. I'm still trying to figure out where that was. The whole film is really just action scene to action scene filled in with bits of dialog. We never really find out why the aliens are there, where they came from, or anything about them beyond the usual "they're gooey".

All that said.... I did like the lead character. Well... and LA gets blown up, therefor it's an auto five stars. ;-)

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His mother was a MacLeod? Interesting.... :-)

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Alright, I'm going to come out of the proverbial closet on this... My opinion has drastically shifted on the war. The US is going in, and basically spending itself into oblivion in the vain hope these countries will end up pro US. I admit I was an initial supporter but things have rapidly descended into ridiculousness. I think it might be wise to perhaps realize that no matter how much money, aid, and anything else we can give these countries, it's not only never going to really improve, they're still going to hate the US after it's over. Assuming it ever is "over".

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I'm just really feeling the love here from the religion of peace.... ;-)

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I like Kenny G.

Actually I think I only like one song he did but couldn't resist the urge after the banning comment. :-D

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The plus side is the world will eventually wake up regarding Sharia. The down side... is that it will probably be just about the point where it's almost too late.

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Mayor of LA. This is surprising somehow? ;-)