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Tornadoes suck, and not just because it made my comment here super late.

And also not because they literally suck. I wasn't trying to make a pun there. It just happened. I'm sorry.

I'm waiting for more details in coming episodes (i think sometime in the summer is the next episodes?) before passing judgment one way or another. A lot of stuff can easily be handwaved about Rose as Pink. She's young (for a diamond?), naive, didn't know what colonizing a populated planet entailed, something opens her eyes blah blah blah. But then there's the fucking human zoo and just ... how do you rectify THAT with who Rose Quartz is suppose to be? Like, she spent thousands of years chilling on Earth post-war just knowing that shit was still out there and did nothing. And I'm worried the show might just never address it.

But for now I'll just be pleased that I fucking called it and never quite gave up on the theory so huzzah?

Meanwhile, Pearl has a fucking collection of women's phone numbers stored in her gem and like fucking Pearl out there breaking hearts for decades. (Someone please teach her how to actually make a phone call before Mystery Girl loses interest. ...or don't because it's now extra weird that Pearl was attracted to Mystery Girl because she looks like Rose? Iunno, I mean, not either of their faults, but it was kinda uncomfortable to begin with and now it's worse...)

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Lapis Lazuli continues to be probably the most relatable character to me. And she gets a song! I think it's her first song? I may be wrong about this.

I was genuinely mad when the episode opened with Ronaldo being Ronaldo. I hate this character SO MUCH. If we had to wait two months or whatever it was for two new 10 minute episodes and one was about Ronaldo it would have been a huge disappointed. Luckily, he's just there to set up the rest of an otherwise really good episode. (Fuck Ronaldo though seriously. I don't think any amount of space adventures that turn him into a pink zombie space pirate would change how much I dislike Ronaldo.)

As much as I get Lapis' motivations, and her actions are probably exactly what I'd do in the situation, I want her to just be part of the team. From day one, what I've always wanted from the show was to see the Crystal Gems recruit new members, and we eventually got that with Peridot (who still rarely is involved), and I guess Connie counts, but it's been something like 170 episodes and I want MORE FRIENDS. (Also I wanna see Lapis and Peridot wearing a star on their clothes. DO IT SHOW)

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Thank you kindly!

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The bit at the end where Steven talks about introducing Peridot to Lars is funny, because back in Your Mother and Mine I kept thinking Steven should just go grab Peridot. If anyone can fix Lars' ship it'd be her. Steven didn't even think to suggest it.

Pearl going to the improv shows to support Steven who isn't even in the show is wonderful. I want her to go to a Sadie Killer show and spend the whole time wondering why Steven is backstage instead of in the band.

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So is it a coincidence that, in an episode about Garnet coming to terms with the fact that her kid is growing up and not acting like a child anymore, Garnet ends up naming a kitten 'Cat Steven'? Because I feel like it could totally be a coincidence actually. (EDIT: Apparently Cat Stevens did not sing Cat's in the Cradle and now I feel foolish. But apparently this is a super common misconception so I guess I don't feel embarrassed enough about it to delete this post and hope no living soul had seen it, as would normally be what I 'd do in this situation.)




GARNET EPISODE! It's been a while.

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There's something really satisfying about the fact that everything in this episode goes off without a hitch. Nothing goes wrong! Steven plays the song for his dad, Greg likes it, he sends it to a music friend, SHE likes it, they get a gig in Empire City, they get there, they do the show, it goes well, they go home. Flawless victory. That never happens!

Also Jenny hugs Sadie and Sadie's really blushy afterwards so I GUESS I SHIP IT NOW.

(And hey, Mystery Girl was at the show!)

This episode is just really ... relaxing I guess? I like it! (Were there enough songs to call it a second musical episode?)

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It will never stop being weird that suddenly 'It's a Lars episode' is a GOOD thing. Will it ever happen with Ronaldo? (Probably not, no.)

Pink Diamond does that anime girl laugh! You know the one. I can't think of the specific term folks use for it though.

Still not one hundred percent convince that Rose and Pink aren't the same Gem. Garnet's story definitely can't be completely true because the sword can't shatter a gem. And according to this timeline, Garnet, Pearl, and Bismuth all joined Rose before she took out Pink Diamond, which is interesting.

Also we got to see Rose in a different outfit! She otherwise apparently had the same look for five thousand years, given we saw her in the same form in the Garnet origin story episode as she has in the video where she's pregnant with Steven (which implies she's never been poofed?) And I love the juxtaposition of Rose deciding she must fight and then throwing on a long flowy dress to do it.

And I just realized some stuff re:Rhodonite. She's the fourth Pearl we've met, and her Pearl's gem's placement is the same as Yellow and Blue Pearls' are. Our Pearl is the only one with a different gem placement. Is that why Jasper picks her out as 'defective'? Plus, Rhodonite's the ninth Ruby we've met, and her Ruby is on her navel. Which makes her Ruby the first time we've seen two of the same Gem with the same gem placement. Still wanna know what would happen if such a pair of gems fused. (This is all stuff I should've noticed ten episodes ago...)

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Does anyone have Izetta: The Last Witch episode 1?

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Good Places episodes all expired, took an Arrow and Shield, thanks!

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Does anyone have Izetta episode 1?