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Does anyone have Izetta: The Last Witch episode 1?

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Good Places episodes all expired, took an Arrow and Shield, thanks!

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Does anyone have Izetta episode 1?

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The show went out of it's way to kill the 'Rose is Pink Diamond' theory over the course of multiple episodes. Then this episode happened, and Steven is having dreams that are actually memories of Pink Diamond's (which must be super weird for Connie). We've seen Steven enter people's minds and dreams before, but that was people who were in physical proximity (except for the Watermelon Stevens who were pretty far away, but at least it was still the same planet), so being in a memory of a gem who was supposedly killed, thousands of years ago on another planet, but that takes place in the location Stevonnie is currently hiding out, IS SURE SUSPICIOUS.

Is it Steven's memory? Because he's sort of Rose? And Rose is maybe Pink Diamond after all? WHO KNOWS!

I'm a little confused on Pink Diamond's size though? Is she actually the same size as Stevonnie? So like, average size teenager human size? I feel like the mirror or window or whatever that Pink/Stevonnie breaks in the dream looked a little bigger when Stevonnie examines it when they wake up. (Which, hey, Rose Quartz is a little big bigger than a human, IT FITS THE THEEEOORRYYY).

And of course Pink being a really small diamond would be a big deal in gem society. We saw the 'Diamond' setting on the Ruby ship. It turned Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl all to the same size as Yellow and Blue Diamond. If Pink came out really small, like Amethyst, that'd make her 'off color'. Which would probably cause all kinds of drama.

But also...if the moon bases are where the diamond leading an invasion stays to run things, and Earth was Pink's first (and only) colony, wasn't the earth moon base chair the same size as the one on the jungle moon base? Or was it a lot smaller and I'm just not remembering?

I just have lots of questions and it sucks because we're probably in for another multiple month wait for more new episodes which probably won't address any of them because this is Steven Universe and it slow drips information like no one's business.

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I really hope that when Lars and the Off Colors get to Earth, we see the ship land, and Steven's there, and the crew all get off, and it's a celebratory moment, and then suddenly Emerald comes walking down the ramp too.

"Wait, isn't that-"

"Yep. A bunch of stuff happened," Lars says. "We're friends now."

"Oh!" exclaims Steven with stars in his eyes. "Yeah, that happens!"

I want this scene so bad.

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Thank you kindly!

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Does anyone have Arrow 2x02?

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Not that Connie and Steven should have played into Kevin's nonsense at the end, but it would have been a treat to see them fuse at that moment. Connie has a new hairdo! Steven could maybe have had that silly jacket/scarf combo on. IMAGINE THAT VERSION OF STEVONNIE!

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So, the new Firefox update doesn't gel with LeetKey, my go-to for ROT13-ing things. And looking at the LeetKey page I learned the add-on hasn't been updated in 8 years apparently? So I dunno if that's gonna see a fix any time soon. So I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a replacement?

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V3 will spoil a bit for the Danganronpa 3 anime towards the end. Not huge spoilers, but they're there. (And in turn, DR3 has one episode that basically assumes you played all the way through Ultra Despair Girls. Things to keep in mind.)