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I did not know that English wasn't their first language, so I apologize for mocking the handmaiden/feudal lord part of the comment. You're right, it probably did make more sense in their first language. The rest of it, though, about Makorra not being a heteronormative relationship (specifically calling it a "queer" one) while simultaneously referring to Korrasami as heteronormative still stands. That part is still hilarious.

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I recapped every episode of this show for a website I freelance for and I remember seeing the spoilers popping up on my dash before I got a chance to watch it (I couldn't watch it live and had to wait until later). And I remember seeing the gif of them holding hands and thinking "oh people are just putting their tin hats on and taking it to be more than it is." Then I actually watched it and realized that no, it was real.

The thing I remember most is that I kept shouting, "This doesn't happen! This never happens! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?!" over and over and over because are you KIDDING me? A CHILDREN'S show on NICKELODEON of all places ends with two bisexual women of color holding hands and looking into each other's eyes in a perfect mimicry of a het couple's wedding pose just moments before, all while a romantic score swells in the background? Hell, I looked back on my notes on earlier episodes and found one that just said, "You know if Asami was a dude, that would be a romantic shippy thing, but nooooo can't have the queers up in our kid's show now can we?"

When I watched your video (which I have like three times because it always puts a smile on my face), my favorite part of your reaction is the whispered, awed, "you can't undo that." Because you're right. They can't. Society can't. America can't. No matter how hard they try, bigots can not erase the fact that kids who never get to see themselves be the heroes for one bright shining moment got to look into the TV and see their reflection there. Hell, I bet a lot of them couldn't even put their finger on *why*, just that somehow, seeing that ending stirred something in their hearts that Knew even before they did.

I did want to finish up by giving you a laugh. After it aired, there was a butthurt Makorra shipper who -- and I wish I were kidding, but I'm not -- complained that "Korrasami is more heteronormative because it exhibits falsely a very feminine girl (Asami) being a handmaiden of Korra (who is treated as the male/masculine/feudal lord of the relationship.) Also, Makorra is NOT a heteronormative relationship. It is a queer and different heterosexual relationship. They are not entirely similar nor opposites. They are always helping each other." IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 2K15 SOMEONE ACTUALLY SAID THOSE WORDS IN THAT ORDER. Petition for "so who's the 'man'/'woman' in the relationship" to become "so who's the feudal lord in the relationship?"

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I'm really sorry to hear you're having a hard time lately, Mark. If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know.

I'm glad you'll be able to be with your brother. Having someone you know and love to experience something as life-changing as moving cross-country is certainly helpful. Hopefully you two will be able to work through that part of it together. And congratulations to your sister-in-law. That's quite an accomplishment.

Your community loves and supports you. Please take care of yourself first and foremost. I know I speak for most (if not all) of us when I say that we want good things for you and your family.

If you need editing on your book, I'm sure the old team would be happy to get back together and help you out.

We love you, Mark. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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My theory is that it has to do with Halperin and Weston, but then again who knows. We have very few facts.

1) It started at midnight.
2) It only affected people who died in 2009.
3) It's not a virus, because being bitten doesn't "turn" you, so whatever it is isn't communicable.
4) ????

I like the idea of not knowing, though. I like having my theory, but I wouldn't necessarily want it confirmed. One of the reasons why ItF is such a fun fandom for me is that right now it's fairly sandboxy. There are a lot of things we don't know much about, and that leads to fun speculation and discussions.

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Lrnu, gung'f jung V jnf chyyvat gung vasb sebz.

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I also adore Kieren and Jem's relationship as always, but I'm unbelievably fond of the fact that he is the first person she lets herself completely breakdown in front of. And he doesn't judge her for it (he certainly could, given his outburst at Gary over the lunch table about the HVF killing rabids), he just wraps her in a hug and promises to support her and get help. BLESS.

And Simon! SIMON! Who I honestly don't know if he knew himself what he was going to do in that graveyard until he did it, but in the end, his statement to Kieren at the bungalow proves true: "There's what I believe, and then there's you." And then he agrees to stick around in Roarton, where all the ULA knows where he is WHICH PUTS HIM IN HUGE DANGER AS A TRAITOR, simply because that's where Kieren is. And where Kieren goes, so goes Simon.

And Kieren! KIEREN WALKER. The development at the wake: "Amy once asked me how far I'd have to go to take it all off...I'm good here." It doesn't discount the value in getting out if that's what one needs to survive, but Kieren has decided he doesn't. He wants to stay with his family and he wants to help things change in Roarton and he accepts himself, finally!, as who he is. No make up, no contacts, just Kieren Walker as he really is.

I can't even begin with the final scene of Amy being exhumed, but I will say that I asked for post-S2 fic focusing on that for Yuletide this year, so if I get it, I will be sure to come back and share the link with the class. BECAUSE I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED.

In conclusion, friendly reminder to let BBC3 know that you want to #SaveInTheFlesh!

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Okay, so, lots of things to talk about, but my absolute favorite thing is this: Amy was the First, not Kieren. We're used to shows and books where the main character is the Chosen One or whatever, and they're made "special" by some force exterior to themselves. ItF twists that. Kieren walker is not special. Kieren Walker is important and there is a big difference between the two. Kieren is not special because of some mystical construct. He is important because of who he is as a person, who he loves, and who loves him. That's what makes him important. His worth comes from himself and those important to him, not the universe playing magic tricks. I LOVE THAT SO MUCH.

And at the same time, I love that Amy is the First, because while I have theories about Halperin and Weston maybe being behind the Rising in the first place (how convenient that they could suddenly make tons of cash by "saving" the world with their wonder drug), I also love the idea that Amy Dyer's first death was so unfair and she so desperately wanted to be alive that magic happened and brought her and everyone else who died in 2009 back to life. There's some kind of fucked up poetry to that and I love it.

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I don't think it's an accident that the experiments the doctors do on Simon to try to "cure" him involve electric shocks. The parallel to ways queer people have been "treated" by doctors in the past is pretty clear. But putting that aside...the awful thing is that some GOOD comes out of what they do. They're able to create a drug that allows PDS patients to regain control of their bodies and interact with the world in a positive way. It reminds me of just how many medical advancements have been made by doctors experimenting on minorities and other "undesirables" in history, be that black men, prisoners, people held in camps by the Nazis... It's disgusting how many things we take for granted that are the direct product of inhumane torture and abuse.

Amy's day trip with Phillip is so painful because it reminds me of 1x02 when she is talking to Kieren about how she died. "I felt like I'd been benched before I even got to play the game." And here she uses that metaphor again: "If you win, then the game is over." "Yeah, but if it doesn't end, then what's the point of playing it?"

I ask you is there anything worse than Simon sitting alone and abandoned underneath that anti-PDS graffiti? Well yes lots of things but WOW NO ONE ASKED FOR THIS PAIN. Also, A+ representation of panic attacks when he finds out he has to kill Kieren. "There's what I believe...and then there's you." O RLY SIMON? WELL PUT UP OR SHUT UP.