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Here in this episode, we have another Matt storyline which puts him in a difficult situation. DEAR FNL WRITERS, GIVE MATT A BREAK WILL YA?

But then again, I think Matt is the character that gives life to the few high school athletes who feel as if they're on both sides of the school spectrum. He's the embodiment of the jock who's friends with nerds and rejects WHILST being a part of the popular athletes group. Which then makes it difficult for him to choose a side. Consequently, choosing which side he will follow would determine his character. Would he just follow the fraternity of his football team? Or would he do the right thing and stand up for his friends (the victim).

Either way, I'm really glad that he made the right decision =)

I'm also glad that Coach Taylor ends up making the right decisions concerning the Reyes and Kastor situation. He's the type of coach who would support his players when they need him, but he would also be able to draw that line between support and making decisions based on what is ethically and morally right. I love that even if he has trouble making up his mind on the situations, he always makes the right decision in the end. Basically, the writers are trying to show that Coach Taylor is not a perfect and saint-like person who would always make good decisions off the bat, he also has his own struggles which make the show feel realistic.

Also Tim and Lyla... Seriously though, couldn't you wait to be affectionate with each other AWAY FROM THE HOSPITAL?! Or at least away from Jason's window view?

Poor Jason =(

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I think Sad Matt wins this one... The sad puppy is kinda weirdly cute.

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I think the saddest part with the scene where Coach tells Matt the news is that Saracen was kind of expecting it. AND he acts as if he's used to having to deal with much disappointment in his life. It's like he's used to always being let down AND IT'S JUST SO SAD OK?

ALSO... I love that Coach Taylor and Matt can finally prove to the town that the team is not a lost cause without Jason Street's help.

OR Voodoo's help. In my opinion, he was just a nuisance. And, yes I understand that he and his family got displaced from their home, then invited to a town who only favour their son for more upcoming football wins, but come on! The guy is so arrogant, and mean, and lacks manners and discipline, and it's sort of hard to feel bad for his situation.

Finally... My reaction to Tim/Lyla scenes? *****FACE PALM**** WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING!!! ****FACE PALM****

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Ahhh! I'm sorry =\ I completely forgot. Haven't been commenting on here for a while now. It won't happen again =)

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1. I hope your laptop is okay... I think it's literally feeling the tragedy that is FNL. The crawling spider being the FEELS... The broken screen being our shattered hearts after every episode.

2. I agree with your dance recital comment. I found myself laughing at how realistically awful it was. (Not that I can dance... but it was a really good representation of high school dance recitals)

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I was about to comment that I agreed that the actor who played Voodoo looks way older than a teenager (which he does)...

UNTIL I saw your comment.
WOW WAS HE REALLY ONLY 19/20? That's crazy... O_O

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A few notes on this episode:

- In my opinion, this is the episode where the "ships" are getting laid out for us. You know... Matt/Julie, The Taylors, Jason/Lyla/Tim.

- My heart breaks every time Matt Saracen is onscreen. The way his life is presented is completely heartbreaking. The situation with his grandmother, his daddy issues, the team, Voodoo, Buddy Garitty on his back, OR BASICALLY THE WHOLE TOWN, Coach Taylor giving signs that the's somewhat taking the town's side.... ETC...Put simply, HE REALLY HAS THE WHOLE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD ON HIS SHOULDERS And I say this all the time to anyone watching FNL for the first time, If you don't feel sympathy for Matt Saracen, you are one heartless person

- Whether Buddy only recruited Voodoo for the wins, I just found it so rude that Voodoo was a complete arrogant ass.

- Coach's reaction as he sees Saracen talking to his daughter after the dance recital.... AND what he says to Tami after... PRICELESS!

- Last but not least, UNPOPULAR OPINION, am i the only one here who just doesn't like Lyla Garitty at all? From start to finish? I just find that out of all the characters she was the most irritating. And yeah, I even like Smash more than Lyla in the first season, and that should count for something right?

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My comment is super late, but heck whatever... Here's mine:

1. FNL is one of my favourite shows out there. I love it so much that I got my sister, my brother-in-law and his family to watch and like the show as well. I even convinced my Canadian friends to watch the show. Their being Canadian and the show being about American Football, was a turn off for them. But one day I invited them over, and tricked them into watching the Pilot episode. THEN WHAT HAPPENED? THEY LOVED IT. (They now both own the complete series DVD collection)

Needless to say, I'M PROUD OF MYSELF

2. CLEAR EYES, FULL HEARTS, CAN'T LO--- Oh right. Mark you're not ready for this. GOOD LUCK

3. The first time I watched this show was only a few months after its final season ended. After having finished the Pilot episode, I was sad. Mostly because I never got to watch it in real time.

4. Before watching FNL, I only knew a few things "football related" (I grew up in Europe and for me, Football is a completely different sport). All I knew was a fumble, a sack, a quarterback, and that yellow line thing they have to pass. LOL. Basically, I basically didn't know anything about the sport, but as I watched the Pilot episode, and the game sequence started, I surprisingly found myself in a state of anxiety. Not because I didn't understand the rules, but because I understood the severity of what was shown onscreen.

WHY? Well because in just one episode, I already cared about the characters, I was intrigued, I already loved them, and HELL I DIDN'T WANT THEM TO LOSE.

And just like Mark, I thought they could only go two ways, the win/lose storyline thing. But then Street gets a seriously (life changing) injury?

WTF IS GOING ON. But basically, from that moment on, I knew that I would love this show.

5. I loved the characters (yes even Riggins and his alcoholism, and Smash's arrogance, and Saracen's adorableness. LOL) It's mostly because of the variety of characters we were given. It was pretty much a gift, and all I could think of at the time was how these people would interact with each other. IT WAS EXCITING!!

6. Honestly though, I wouldn't have cared much for the football games if I didn't care for the characters much. But the balance between both was astounding.

7. Not to mention the show's beautiful shots meant that what I was watching was going to be an experience. I wouldn't be watching just another show, I would be experiencing something new. AND IT WAS EXCITING

So... I hope I'll have time to rewatch the show as you're watching it. ALTHOUGH technically, I don't need to since I've watched the whole series multiple times now. So much so that I know the story front and back, in and out.

Good luck watching this show Mark. Maybe you should prepare to put a spell around your heart to protect it from all the FEELS you will be getting from this show.

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SO I've been rewatching these episodes along with Mark and I was wondering.... Does anyone else think it's a little odd that the vampires from the cemetery seem to come out of their hole really quickly? You know... What happened to SIX FEET UNDERGROUND?

ALSO.... I love the fact that this show put the slayer in the "rejects"/"nerds"/"weirdos" clique in high school. You're right if she was as popular as she was with the vampire slaying world, the show wouldn't be as fun. =D

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My favourite quote/dialogue from this episode was between Giles and Willow:

GILES: Why should someone want to harm Cordelia?
WILLOW: Maybe because they met her? ... Did I say that?