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I'm a Canadian/US dual citizen - I grew up in the US but have lived in Canada for a long time - and a bunch of Toasties on Twitter convinced me to register for my absentee ballot just last week. This is straight-up serendipity.

Also, please someone tell me this means she's read the Hillary/Obama friendfiction.

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Both Nicole and Steve are into skiing, right? They probably combined their names for the most badass possible mountain children: THE CLIFFE-STRONGS.

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Ah, shit, I'm going to miss this place so much.

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The number of scenarios crucial to Tolkien's plots that could have been cleared up by reading an employment advice column are...alarming.

Dear Businesslady,
I am always distracted by a workplace crush and terrible at my job. This wouldn't be such a big deal except that my job is The Moon. Please advise.

Dear Businesslady,
My boss, a foreign king, does not take me seriously, and increasingly I find myself compelled to seek out and stab something terrifying in order to prove my worth. How do I go about ensuring his recognition for my daring feats, and if I fail will it reflect poorly on my future employment?

Dear Businesslady,
I have been hired by a group of adventurers to work as a thief, even though my only professional experience is gentle meandering. So far I have not been asked to burgle anything, but I have distinguished myself by getting my employers out of several scrapes - a task not listed in my job description. Should I come clean, or is there a way I can fake it 'til I make it?

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Now I know I'll never get the 'Pitch Meeting for the Magic School Bus' post I was secretly longing for, dammit!

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Here's to Nicole and Mallory, Nikki and Jaya, Roxane and Marco. Here's to the careful guardianship of the comment-utopia. Here's to all the posts where we offered our experiences - and our headcanons - as our truth.
And here's to all of us for managing, somehow, to become simultaneously kinder and more fierce. Thanks Toast. Thanks Toasts.

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"...marketers also said Subaru’s dependability was a good fit for lesbians since they didn’t have a man who could fix car problems..."

Marketers had not met many lesbians. Or men.

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I have so many feelings for that woman who found out her boyfriend was the worst kind of misogynistic gamer troll. Just.