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It's truuueeee, these stories were safe in your hands and in the hands of the readers and commenters on this site. I am going to miss The Toast and the community so much.

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I didn't realize until I read the following that Jason Bateman is my soul mate:

“Ugh, this person on Twitter is GARBAGE and their Twitter is LITTER ON THE FACE OF THE INTERNET,” you’d tell him. The next time you mention them, he would be like, “Oh I remember: litter on the face of the internet, right? They always reply to your jokes and yet never fave them? God, what did they do this time?”

This is not what I expected! But I'm good with it.

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Hieu: so much this: "as a fellow 2nd gen Asian American (and monoracial and nonadopted to boot), I think we have our own really weird thoughts about what is "traditional" and "cultural." So much of it is rooted in "whatever our parents told us" which I've realized is an incredibly flawed lens to view our own heritages."

My parents left Taiwan in the late 60s and their idea of what constitutes Taiwanese culture is a time capsule. I had nothing to compare it with until university. That was its own kind of culture shock.

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Wow, that is ZANY!

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Oh, this piece, Nicole. I grew up under similar circumstances and feel so many of these worries--and occupy a similar role in my marriage. The fear never really goes away. Just yesterday, I checked AGAIN to make sure the erroneous hospital bill we received 4 years ago hadn't resurfaced. (It hadn't.)

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So do her fans, apparently.

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I was icked out/in denial because he's her teacher and he knew her mother.

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TEAM TOR! Because he is not afraid to let Aerin shine. He knows she's better and stronger than he is and that is how men should be.

But also yeah, now the race stuff in Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword bothers me. In the Blue Sword, Damar is surrounded by desert and Harry is an English (or perhaps Welsh) woman (with 1/4 Damarian blood) and is sent to what is clearly a British colonial outpost and saves everyone. And Aerin is a redhead who saves a bunch of black-haired people. IDK.

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*linguistically messy Taiwanese fist bump*

This essay is so thought provoking and excellent and the description of the "overcorrection" in the accent is so true.

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The worst thing is that I always return to the same place to sleep at night.