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I don't even know how to explain how wonderful this is and how much it means to me. Thank you, Madame Secretary, and to your team, and to The Toast. What a wonderful send-off!

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Dang, "advice column channel on toastie slack" might be the tipping point that gets me to finally join Slack...

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Ow my heart

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I also was pretty sure I never wanted kids (though I had a few moments of ambivalence in my early 30's) and then met "my person" still pretty sure I don't want kids - in case anyone wanted more backup that it's totally possible to find your right person and not change your mind on children. I feel like Beardo and I could be good parents (and our children would be adorable, if very short), but the more time passes the more confident I am with our choice to be childfree.

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Right? There's no "take-backs" for that sort of thing. I frankly don't care how sad Former Roommate is now - part of being a grownup (if we're going to talk about what makes one a grownup) is living with the occasionally irritating/saddening consequences of your decisions. This is especially true, in my opinion, if a dependent living creature is involved.

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Oh my god, it's plaid?!?!!! <3

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Damn. I was so excited! But chub rub is too dangerous & body glide/deodorant only does so much to prevent it.

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I love Giant Leather Mom Purses but my chiropractor wants me to switch to a backpack full time. My shoulders and back agree with the switch but it's just so boring.

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I have a very good friend who recently told me that, though she doesn't feel quite ready to marry her (asshole) boyfriend - she'd pull the goalie and have a baby with him tomorrow if he were up for it. Now, I know marriage isn't for everyone, and that is totally fine! But I must admit I don't understand people who say they're not ready to make a lifelong commitment to a romantic partner b/c their relationship is troubled, but ARE willing to consider the lifelong commitment of creating and raising a child. You can divorce your husband or break up with your partner, but if you have a child together, your ex will always be a part of your life (in an ideal world, at least).
(I will say one thing in defense of friend's jerkass boyfriend, he's apparently 100% unwilling to consider procreation until he and friend are at the very least engaged to be married.)

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Wait, and these are on Netflix?? American Netflix or another country's Netflix? Because BOY do all of these shows sound right up my alley.