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Without you, I would be less feminist, less alive; I would be alone in this city if I'd even moved across the country at all; you made me brave, you made me laugh unashamedly at cleverness and nonsense, you frustrated me, you taught me, you listened to me; we spoke, we learned, and I am different now because of the work published here and the people it gathered to itself.

Thank you for changing me and altering my perception of the world. Thank you for the community you gave me.

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this is totally just about how LOTR is 99.999% dudes and literally 0% about the toast

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Augh no I would never!

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Oh but it's TOTALLY not okay to tell other people about medical accommodations, and this isn't something that you should pry into.

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You are a member of a wonderful fellowship of diverse [as long as you ignore gender] people.

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TSA Precheck is great for getting through security more quickly, but you do still have to go through body scanner machines when they're what the airport has. Sometimes you just get sent through a metal detector, but that's not all the time. It would probably be an improvement over regular security procedures for them in the same way that it's nicer for everyone (shorter lines, you get to keep your shoes on mostly, etc) but it's not going to get you always sent through just a metal detector and I don't know that it would be a real help in dealing with TSA and their understanding or lack thereof of gender.

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See also: me and The Protomen's 80s cover album "The Cover Up." How had I never heard: "Because the Night", "In the Air Tonight", and "Total Eclipse of the Heart"?

I don't really know or care; I just want to listen to the Protomen, who are very good at songs.

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Hayley you have DESTROYED me.

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I was forbidden to read the "Starship Titanic" book. And also my dad didn't want me reading "Callahan's Lady" and "Lady Slings the Booze" by Spider Robinson, when I was allowed to read other books by Spider Robinson. (Both of those books are set entirely in a brothel, so I can see his point."

In terms of books I should not have read, I read Firestarter by Stephen King in 7th grade and it is probably the only book I wish someone had stopped me from reading.

Also I think my mother gave me "The Dragon Queen" by Alice Borchardt which turned out to have some weird sex shit in it that she cannot possibly have been aware of.

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Also Nikki's doesn't use the phrase "financial impotence" because why would anyone do that.