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I haven't been on CT much lately, but I want to thank you for this. Trayvon's story is so sad, so maddening, and I'll be wearing my hoodie in solidarity tonight.

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I thought that was hilarious when they dramatically slowed down Jiggly's death drop, as if she was gonna land wrong and break something, or fall off the stage...or as if there already isn't enough drama on a drag competition show.

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OH LAWD!!!!! I am so glad I'm not the only one screaming ESCANDELO tonight!

They completely strung us along with the whole "shocking twist" teases, but I thought that it would have been revealed if not during the show, then at least during Untucked. Oh well. I guess Chik-Fil-A pays just cash money too.

As far as the talent of singing...I don't think anybody stood out in a good way. PhiPhi & Sharon's rehearsal was WHORENDOUS! That shit was terrible, and to think that PhiPhi's actual performance was toned down. More like tone deaf. Anyway.

I don't know about DiDa lasting too much longer. PhiPhi is too much drama for them to eliminate next, and I'm curious to see how she gets along with Sharon after this week.

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What about my friend that is half Thai/half Black? What about Tiger Woods, for crying out loud!?!

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Even though I'm not on here as much, I talk about y'all all the time.

As for knowing my "real identity," a few CTers have met me in person. I have the same name on FB (it's supposed to be Über Käto), if you care to search. When I was on OKC I was uberkato as well. It's my go-to online pseudonym.

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All I've got to say is: this is my first season that I am tuning in (mostly because I find PR All-Stars almost unbearable) and I was wondering where the live blog was (it was the Canadian Day here). This was an awesome recap.

I also found Jiggly's stereotyping offensive and unfunny. Willam has the driest sense of humor, I love how she keeps her cool when the other queens are flipping out.

Also, "In space, no one can hear you, queen!" I. Die.

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omg, yes please!

I found it really interesting that there wasn't solidarity between women of all races during Women's Lib/Suffrage in the beginning of the 20th century. Black women were still denied rights/access even after Black men were given those rights.

We've come a long way and I'm loving the posts!

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Thanks for this series, looking forward to the rest of February!

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Yea, then the Honda commercial came out. And now Diplo is in a BlackBerry ad too. I still love the Mad Decent label, but maybe it's because it features other artists and not so much Diplo.

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Thanks for writing this! I'm searching for work since I moved back home on Halloween. I've had some interest and even and interview, I've just got to stay positive and spiff up my LinkedIn profile!